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Week before Thanksgiving Crowds in 2019

by Brad
(Baton Rouge)

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“You said the week before Thanksgiving is the best week for 2019. Now Touring Plans just recently increased their crowd predictions to be very heavy then. Do you know why?”

Galaxy’s Edge

Yes, I do know why Touringplans just increased their crowd levels that week. It the same reason I did.

When Disney rolled out the new ticket pricing where they price each day on the predicted crowds, the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving had higher than expected prices.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, which is usual a light to moderate crowd day, was the same price as Christmas day. It was way out of line with what you would expect.

There is only one explanation for why Disney is expecting HUGE, bigger than Thanksgiving day crowds the week before Thanksgiving. It has to be when Galaxy’s Edge is going to open.

As soon as I saw that I knew (and have been saying) that the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge “land” will open on Friday, November 22nd.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Brad, the new Disney ticket pricing tells us that something big is going to happen the week before Thanksgiving. Galaxy’s Edge opening is the thing that makes the most sense.


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Comments for

Mar 03, 2019 Week Before Thanksgiving
by: Brad

Based on all the info I have found I also think that’s the Star Wars opening on Friday before Thanksgiving. We were gonna do Monday to Friday that week and have no desire to go to Hollywood Studios that day. You think the rest of the week will be ok?

Dad Answers

Yes. It will be. I was at WDW the week Toy Story Land opened, and it was a very slow. The same will be true for the week before Thanksgiving.

Feb 16, 2019 crowds in NOV
by: jan

Since everyone is saying the crowds are going to be unusually heavy….. do you think it will be just at HS? and the other parks lighter???

Dad Answers

The pattern for the recent new land openings (Toy Story Land, and Pandora) has been that the park with the new land is slammed and the other parks are down a little for about the first month.

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