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Weekday Crowds in May at Walt Disney World



“Hi, I was wondering why the crowds for May are worse on Mondays through Wednesdays and lighter on the weekends? For example, Monday through Wednesday May 15th through 17th is heavier crowds than Friday, Saturday, Sunday May 12th through 14th, and so forth, and so on.¬†Thanks so much for your help.”


The beauty of the Flower and Garden Festival in May

The Flower and Garden Festival ends in May – Photo by Wayne Wood


It’s hard to explain, but occasionally in May the weekends won’t be as busy as the mid-week. I think that has to do somewhat with schools. Some of it comes from school trips, local school trips, end of year school trips, that come in, in May and they come during the week.


Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page


Lower crowds on the weekends doesn’t always happen, but if the weather is nice, the weekday crowds can pop up.


If the weekend weather is good, the parks will be packed, because the locals do come out on the weekends when the weather’s nice. If the weather’s going to be bad, the local crowds don’t come out. It’s that Simple.


It happens a couple of times every year. That’s why I predict it this way, it seems like every year there’s a weekend or two in May where the crowds are down, and the weekdays the crowds are up. That’s just why I predict it that way.


One of the big thing that affects May crowds is school vacations don’t happen that late in the school year, so you don’t have the families coming in and staying for a full week. They’re not checking in on Friday and leaving on Friday or Saturday, so you have some that are coming in, in mid-week and you get some of that overlap that people come in on Mondays, the next group comes in, or the next group stays through Tuesday or Wednesday, so you can get some of that overlap at times in May.


It’s just the way it is, it’s just the way it happens. Some weekends in May just don’t have as big of crowds as the weekdays.



disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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