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We’ve got the 100 day WDW blah’s

What? The 100 day WDW blah’s? What on earth are you talking about Dad?

(Blame this on Mrs. Mom. It was all her idea. But she’s right.) The other night, Mrs. Mom and I were doing our evening preparation for our trip (our daily walk) when she said, she had this funny feeling about the trip. She couldn’t quite put it in to words. It wasn’t anything bad, it was just that there was a … I quickly threw in the word “blah”. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve got a blah feeling.

A blue Mickey head balloon inside another balloon.

The cure for the 100 day WDW blah’s? – Photo by Samantha Decker

I had been talking to Auntie Duckie about kinda the same thing and the upcoming 100 day mark. So, it dawned on me that we were coming up on 100 days and it only seemed natural that we had the “100 day WDW blah’s”.

Hello. The 100 day WDW blah’s. Everyone gets them, don’t they?

So what are the 100 day WDW blah’s? They are that lost feeling, the feeling that somethings missing, the emptiness, the almost depression that comes over you when there is just nothing to do for your upcoming trip and lots of time until you need to do something else. (Wow that’s a long sentence.)

When Mrs. Mom and I started working on our trip, way back at the first of the year there was something like 280 days or so until our trip. I remember writing, back then, that a Walt Disney World vacation is a marathon, not a sprint. Not that I’ve ever run a marathon (nor will I, I’m a sprinter from long back), what I see of a marathon is basically 3 parts. There is the hustle and bustle of the start with all the jockeying for position, then the long mid section where some tweaking happens but not much else, and finally, the sprint at the end to finish.

That’s really mirrors planning a Disney World vacation. For us, the first 100 days or so were full  of hustle and bustle. We had to pick our time to visit (no brainer there), pick our hotels (a little more challenging) make our reservations and then do all the dining plan stuff. It really was a lot of work. Almost every day for those first 180 days we had lots to discuss.

The we settled down into the middle section. At first, Mrs. Mom and I talked about some of the decisions we had made earlier and tweaked things up a bit. We were excited to talk about our cruise and the make plans for it. But lately it’s  become obvious that we are running out of things to talk about.  (You can probably tell that from Dad’s writing lately.)

Which brings us to the 100 day WDW blah’s. That time on every trip when there’s nothing to do but wait.

Tomorrow, we are going to talk about how to get out of the 100 day WDW blahs. Then on Wednesday (our 100th day) Dad is gonna issue a 100 day blahs Challenge.

Believe me, you won’t want to miss any of this. See ya tomorrow.

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