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What are your 10 favorite restaurants at Disney World?


by Melanie


Hey Dad,




'Ohana is Dad's favorite Disney World Restaurant

Dad’s Favorite Photo by Jeff_B

Dad’s yummy Answer




I saw your question on Facebook and just had to answer it over here. I needed more space.

My 10 favorite Restaurants at Disney World are

For the Food …


  1. My favorite restaurant anywhere, not just at Disney World is ‘Ohana. Piles of steak, pork, turkey, shrimps, and all that green stuff what red-blooded, meat-eating, manly-man wouldn’t love it. Then you finish the evening with that 10,000 calorie dessert …. Yummy!

         Dad’s ‘Ohana page


2. Teppan Edo – The World Showcase is full of great restaurants, but this is the one we eat at every trip. Even when we are at home, our favorite place to have celebration meals is at a Teppan style restaurant.

            Dad’s Teppan Edo page


3. Yorkshire County Fish Shop – Yes, fish and chips. We tried this little gem for the first time on our last trip and it has become one of our favorites. It has a very simple menu, but sometimes simple is best.

            Dad’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop page


For the look …


    1. Toy Story Pizza Planet – It was just a couple of minutes in one movie, but Toy Story Pizza Planet is one of the best recreations of a movie restaurant anywhere. The kids can play video games. The food is not bad, but it’s a pretty good deal (for Disney).

      Dad’s Toy Story Pizza Planet page


2. Sci Fi Dine In – What a great concept. The food is not great, but the atmosphere is out of this world. Literally. This restaurant is fun and if you stick with the basics the foods pretty good. (The shakes are to die for.)


                 Dad’s Sci Fi Dine In page


3. Coral Reef – Again the food is not the star here. The fishies are. What a beautiful setting. It’s the Perfect place for a family experience. Try to get a table on the front row. You won’t be disappointed (except for the food and the service).


                  Dad’s Coral Reef page


4. The Crystal Palace – we enjoyed this place. The food is interesting and there are some unique dishes on the buffet. Disney does a pretty good job with buffets. The character interaction was just pretty good.


                 Dad’s Crystal Palace page


For the experience …


    1. Character Meals – there are a few character meals that should be experienced. We enjoyed Chef Mickey’s but never got to experience a true Princess Character Meal. Disney has Character meals in every park, check them out to see which fit your tastes.


2. Cinderella’s Royal Table – everyone should eat in the castle at least once. The food is sometimes spectacular and sometimes not so much, but the experience is not to be missed. This is the hardest reservation to get in the park with good reason.


                  Dad’s Cinderella’s Royal Table page


For the price …


  1. Everything Pop – yes for the price you have to check out breakfast at Everything Pop. It’s a good value. For around $7.00 you can get an omelet, biscuit and potato. The omelets are fresh and good.

          Dad’s Everything Pop page


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Melanie, eating at Walt Disney World is as much about the experience as it is about the food. Dad doesn’t really have 10 favorite restaurants at Disney World because he hasn’t eaten in all of them. Yet. That’s quite a challenge.


inside the Sci Fi Dine In



the fire pit at 'Ohana



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