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What can we expect in December at Disney World?


by Mark
(Midrand, South Africa)


Is December a good month to visit Disney world? What can be expected?
Thanks, Mark



Toy Soldiers in the Christmas Parade

The Magic Kingdom Christmas Parade Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Answer




December is a great time to visit Walt Disney World – in fact, it’s Dad’s most favorite time of year at the most magical place on earth! Sure, the weather can be a little unpredictable, but at least it’s cool! And the last week and a half of the month sees record crowds, but those can be avoided by going earlier in the month. On the plus side, Christmas time at Walt Disney World is really something special to see!


Let’s start with the weather. As I mentioned, mother nature can get a little unpredictable in December when it comes to the Orlando area. Fortunately, hurricane season is over and the heat and humidity are much easier to handle than in the summer months. But temperatures can range form 30-80 degrees – you might be swimming in the pool or bundling up! Definitely bring a hoodie, and be prepared in case it rains.


Dad’s December Weather at Walt Disney World Page


Now onto the crowds. Let me start off by saying that most of the month the crowds are great – moderate, in the holiday spirit, and nowhere near as hot and cranky as in the summer. BUT, that all changes a few days before Christmas and right through New Years. That’s the busiest period of the year at Walt Disney World and it should be avoided if t all possible. The crowds are beyond out of control.


Dad’s December Crowds Page


That being said, the beginning of the month is just fine. Will there be some crowds? Sure! Crowds are necessary, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad or that you can’t handle them. In fact, Dad has lots of tips on how to avoid crowds at Walt Disney World. You can always get some professional help on that from too, by visiting the folks over at – they really know their stuff when it comes to managing the masses!


Dad’s Disney World Crowds Page


All right, on to the good stuff! Christmas time at Walt Disney World is just about as magical as it gets. On top of all the regular every day Disney Magic, the parks and hotels are filled with special touches that celebrate the holidays. There are special decorations, Christmas carolers, festive treats, light displays, fireworks, and a variety of extra shows and parades that you can’t see at any other time of year.


Dad’s Christmas at Walt Disney World Page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Mark, December is a fantastic time to visit Walt Disney World. Pack light layers and a warm sweater to prepare for the weather, arm yourself with Dad’s tips for crowd control, and have yourself a very merry Christmas with Mickey and the gang!


PS. Why not let the Disney Vacation Planners at Destinations to Travel help you with your trip. They’ll help you find the best time for you to visit.


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