What disney package includes airfare/travel

What disney package includes airfare/travel

by Cindy
(New york)

What Disney package includes airfare /travel? I can't see that on any package details that Disney World has for Florida. Please help I'm looking to get full package air travel, hotel and car rental.

Dad's let Dad do it Answer


A good Disney Travel Agent, like Dad, can add airfare to your Disney World package. Disney offers it as an add on like Magical Express.

I don't know if they offer it on their web site, but it is available to me. So ...

Why not let Dad do it

Here's a blatant commercial for Dad's Travel Business. Dad's a pretty handy Disney Travel Agent (Dad knows Disney) and will be happy to work with you to make your Disney World Vacation a Perfect experience. Just go to the Let Dad Do It page, and we'll get started today. Trust me.

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