What Disney World Hotel will be better?

What Disney World Hotel will be better?

by Gonzalo
(Santiago, Chile)

I'll be traveling for the first time this may with my wife and two children, a 5 years old girl and an almost 3 yeas old boy. We'll be at the parks most of the time, and we are wondering what Disney World hotel will be better for us between one bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs or Old Key West. What we have is to have some space after the children fall sleep, so any other option you have in mind for that budget will also be great.

Dad's some many options Answer


Thank you for the question. It's great to hear from so many people from other countries. I'm humbled and grateful.

Now, about what Disney World hotel would be best for your family. You've picked two good ones in the Old Key West Resort and the Saratoga Springs Resort.

Personally for families I prefer the Old Key West one bedroom over the Saratoga Springs. Why, because of the space and the great bathroom. The one bedroom villa at Old Key West is over 942 square feet, where the villa at Saratoga Springs is 714 square feet. That is almost equal to a whole room at the Pop Century.

Location is just about the only thing that Saratoga Springs has over the Old Key West. If going to Downtown Disney is important, you can walk from Saratoga Springs to Downtown Disney. (There is a boat from Old Key West.)

Dad's Bottom Line

Gonzalo, there are some cheaper options like 2 rooms at the Value or Moderate resorts, but none of them will have couches and big screen TVs, and just for mom a really nice tub to soak those tired feet in. The Old Key West is the way to go.

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