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What do Disney World tickets look like?


by Jenn


Hi I purchased my Walt Disney World tickets from Undercover Tourist at a rather decent discounted price. However, I am terrified that they are somehow not the right tickets. Are they like paper?


I was expecting something more like a credit card or hotel card material. Can i laminate them? I spent a whole lot of money we leave July 2. I haven’t opened the plastic envelope yet. Any help would be OH so appreciated! thanks in advance.


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Disney World Tickets don’t look like this anymore

Dad’s it’s going to be OK Answer


Yes, when you purchase a Disney World ticket from a authorized Disney ticket broker, like the one Dad recommends, Official Ticket Center, you do get a paper looking ticket. That’s normal and correct. The ticket should have a Disney Character on it. It is not actually paper but a substance that looks like paper but is more durable.


If you buy your tickets from Disney and pick pick them up at your hotel or at one of the ticket booths you will have a nice credit card like plastic ticket.


But Dad, you might say, I’m staying at a Disney hotel and want to have my Undercover Tourist purchased ticket added to my room key for convenience. That’s fine. Go to the front desk (at check-in or any other time) and have them add your paper ticket to your Key to the World (your room key).


It’s really no big deal.




If you laminate your paperlike tickets, they won’t fit in to the FASTPASS machines and you won’t be able to get a FASTPASS. Not to mention that it might effect the magnetic strip on the back and the ticket might not work at all.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jenn, another good question. Disney World Tickets look a bit like business cards with a big Mickey (or Minnie or Donald etc.) on them.


Do take the tickets out of the envelope and make sure and copy them . Copy the receipt you got with the tickets. (This is always a good plan if when you buy Disney World Tickets.) Take both when you go to Disney World. If you have any problems, the phone number to Undercover Tourist should be on the receipt.


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Comments for

Nov 03, 2013 paper tickets
by: Anonymous do paper tickets expire? I have some and they don’t seem to have an expiration date on them?

Dad Answers

No, paper tickets never expire. They might only be good at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, but they won’t expire.

May 19, 2011 Not what I expected!
by: Josh Gallant My Disney tickets were not what I expected either. I am not sure what I was expecting actually, and the idea of Fastpass really confused me. I wish I knew of your website before I went last year, so I could have avoided a couple awkward moments.

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