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What do I need to know about Disney World Tickets


by Regina
(Pearl, MS.)


Hi Dad! My family is going to Disney World this year during the week of Christmas. My question is, how do the tickets work? Do we have to keep up with them every day to get in? I have the paper like tickets which would be super hard to keep up with over a weeks time with 2 kids. Also, how does the fast pass work? Is it something you sign up for once or every day? Lastly when are Mickey’s Christmas Party tickets available to buy? Thanks so much!



The Soldiers marching in the Christmas Parade using Disney World Tickets

Disney World Tickets at Christmas will let you see … Photo by Don Sullivan

Everything you always wanted to know about Walt Disney World Tickets …




Dad loves Christmas at Walt Disney World. It’s our very favorite time of the year. But … (don’t you hate that word), Dad wouldn’t be caught dead there the week between Christmas Day and New Years Day. It’s by far the busiest and most expensive week of the year.


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Since you probably can’t do anything about when you’re going at this point, I better get on to answering your question.


Here is everything you need to know about Walt Disney World Tickets. First, the tickets themselves.


Yes, you will need to keep up with the tickets. They are worth hundreds of dollars so you should treat them as such. You will be required to present them every day when you want to enter a park.


If you were to lose one (or more) or if one would quit working, you can go to Guest Services or any ticket window or the concierge in a Disney Hotel and they can get you a replacement. But these are very valuable, take care of them.


When we travel, Mrs. Mom is in charge of the tickets. She keeps them in a fanny pack she carries.


For more information about Disney World Tickets, check out …


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Now about FASTPASS. To get a FASTPASS, you go to the ride and find the FASTPASS ticket machines. (They will be clearly marked.) You will have to insert a park ticket for every FASTPASS you will need. For example if only 2 people in your party want to ride a ride, you will only have to insert 2 tickets.


The ticket will run through the machine and a FASTPASS return slip will be printed. On the return slip will be your return time (which will be posted on the booth that houses the machine). You will return to the ride at the time on the return slip and present the return slip to the attendant at the FASTPASS line.


You will have to do this for every ride you want a FASTPASS for. On the return slip will also be the time when you will be eligible to get another FASTPASS. You can get more information on …


Dad’s Dad’s FASTPASS page


Finally, when it comes to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party the tickets should go on sale sometime in June. That’s when they are typically available.


There is just one problem. The last Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will be somewhere around December 15th this year. Maybe as late as the 21st but no later. There are never any parties the week of Christmas because too many guests are there to shut the park at 7:00. (That’s when the close the Magic Kingdom during the Christmas Parties.)


Sorry! You will still get to see all the same parades and fireworks as you would at the party, all you’ll miss is the small crowds and the cocoa and cookies.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Regina, the bottom line is your Disney World Tickets are worth a lot of money. Take good care of them. Also, if you can change the dates of your trip I’d highly suggest you do so. There will be overwhelming crowds on the dates you are planning to be there.


Hope this helps!


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