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What do you pack for a Disney World trip?


by Dad
(at home (for now))


Yes, Dad wants to ask you a question. Dad’s starting to pack for the Palooza. Of course he knows what to pack, but he wants to know what you pack for your trip.


So just tell Dad, what do you pack for a Disney World vacation?


Click on the comment below to add your list.




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Mar 29, 2013 For people who wear glasses
by: Anonymous We learned the hard way to always have an eyeglass repair kit on a trip. My husband was standing at EPCOT getting ready to have his picture made and his lens fell out! He is blind without his glasses and it was dark so we never found the screw. Luckily they do sell them at the resort but they’re expensive. Lesson learned.

Sep 11, 2012 Don’t forget
by: Rob Noon No one mentioned sunglasses, yet! Gotta have an extra pair. Also water shoes for the Water Parks. Also carry several small water tight quart and gallon baggies for your camera and accessories… take along a cloth to wipe off the camera lens now and again, the lens tends to fog up after coming from those air conditioned stop-offs, to get out of the Florida heat! A Fanny pack comes in handy too, with lots of small compartments for everything you need to carry with you.

Sep 10, 2012 Ziplock Bags?
by: Trevor the best thing I hve stumbled upon is to bring a couple of ziplock bags. if it starts to rain or going on a wet ride they are great for wallet and cell phones and the added bonous of being able to take left overs with you. No more 20 minutes after lunch do you hear Im hungry as you have the piece of pizza of half a sandwhich wit you. oh the freezer ones are the best as they are bigger and double locked

Sep 10, 2012 most important item to pack…
by: Karla i think the most important item we took on our first trip to Disney World were the fold up umbrella strollers. we had one for every child that went with us (five total) ranging in age from 1 year to 7 years old. the best picture I took was of the 7 year old sleeping in the stroller on the last day while the 3 year old and 1 year old ran around during a drink break!! they come in handy for all ages and we handed them off to other families before we left:)

Sep 09, 2012 Packing
by: Kat This year we are trying Mary Kay mint bliss energizing lotion for feet and legs, Ibuprofen, comfortable walking shoes, snacks, quarters foe the penny press …

Sep 09, 2012 The Essentials!
by: Stephanie My husband an I have our Disney packing list down pat: lanyards for pins and to hold out KTTW cards, sunscreen, runners, crocs, flip flops, anti-chafing gel, tilly hats, iPhones, hand sanitizer, and a unisex cross-body bag so take to the park each day (for all of the above plus a back-up t-shirt in case we get too hot – unisex so we can switch off with the bag throughout the day!).

Sep 09, 2012 packing list
by: Lynne I am a pin trader so I always take pins to trade, I have video/still camera in one so disc to record video and my memory card. Sunscreen. Since you are flying I still pack some snacks like granola bars, nuts, fruit snacks that I actually pack in my checked bags. A backpack to carry water, snacks and ponchos. And of course Mouse ears!!!!

Sep 09, 2012 Packing Checklist
by: Anonymous I have a complete typed check list on my computer that I use (I pack for me, a 6 year old and toddler so this helps my mommy brain!). However, some of the most important things to pack are Disney pins to trade, prepackaged handwipes (for the tables and sticky little hands), and of course my CAMERA! I was just looking at pictures the other day and through the years no matter how many pictures I take of Cinderella Castle (or other locations) I always manage to have a different angle. Gotta take tons of pictures! Oh, and I make sure to have a back up camera card so I can snap away without worry.

Sep 08, 2012 must haves
by: Nicole A travel sewing kit, with thread, needles, safety pins and extra buttons. A copy,(actually 2)of all our reservations with conformation numbers to take along with us each day. One with us, one dry at the hotel, you never know! Extra batteries, ponchos and koolaid packs for water bottles.

Sep 08, 2012 For a day trip
by: Jessica Since I haven’t stayed at a Disney Hotel since I was a little kid (I live 2 hours away, what’s the point?), my goal is to pack light but have the necessities. My necessities pretty much include: ID, 1 credit card, some cash, keys, water, sunscreen.

One of those badge holders you get at many conferences (if you have a job where you go to conferences) comes in handy. Put your ID, credit card and some cash in the pocket, your ticket in the clear spot for the badge. I have a carabiner clip to hold my keys on my belt loop and my phone in my pocket (I use that as often as my FASTPASS now…thank you Disney Mobile :-)).

We typically take 1 drawstring backpack for 2-3 people for water, sunscreen and anything we aquire along the way. Anything that can’t fit into the backpack, badge holder or cargo pocket stays in the car. It’s close enough if there’s an emergency.

I just bought this new refillable water bottle with a compartment to hold a few IDs and a car key, though, so I may try that out on my next trip. Still…cargo shorts/pants are everyone’s friend! I don’t like having to lug my purse around and risk losing it.

Sep 08, 2012 Can’t live without…
by: Anonymous I pack disposable ponchos instead of the heavy reusable ones. They are so much lighter to carry in a backpack & I hang them to dry each night. A water proof or water resistant camera and lots of sunscreen. I also take a filtered water bottle so we refill our water in the fountains & it tastes fine. I pack zippered cargo shorts, so that our key cards can’t slip out of a pocket.

Normally, I don’t pack more than a few days worth of clothing, since I take advantage of the washer & dryer in the room. Oh, and since I usually get drenched somewhere along the way, nothing that is see-thru when damp. 😉 Best thing to take- comfortable, broken in shoes!

Sep 08, 2012 For our DW trip we always pack:
by: Ami Flexitol Blistop foot spray is my best friend. I spray my feet every morning before going to the parks, it is cool and soothing and coats your feet to prevent hot spots. If you have a hot spot already spray it and it gives you relief and helps protect it from becoming a blister.

Moleskin just in case. Moisture wicking socks!
Baby wipes, even if you do not have a baby, they can cool you down, clean a spot if you get something on you, & wash your hands or face.

Refrigerate them even for a refreshing way to cool down while in the park later!

Ponchos in those handy pouches bought at home, cheaper, just in case!

Tylenol, Bbenadryl, oral and topical, Pepto Bismol, and Motrin, just in case.

Sep 08, 2012 Packing for WDW
by: Angela The two most important things I pack for a WDW vacation are my autograph book, (i started this when I was 5 years old and still pack it to add some more at age 23!), my mickey mouse poncho, and clothes I class as ‘Disney clothes’, which are usually a couple if shirts with Mickey or Minnie on, or a shirt Ive previously bought at the parks.

When I was younger I used to pack my Disney lanyards and pins to trade, but I have about 6 full lanyards by now, and im not as into it as I used to be 🙂

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