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What do you think about the Disney Vacation Club?


by Beach Comer


Help! In the past year I think I spent about $15,000.+ going to Disney with my family and thought I really need to invest the Disney World Timeshare Program the Disney Vacation Club! What do you think about them and do you know if they are making new ones that will fit with the new Fantasyland in the magic kingdom?


We love Disney World and I for one would love to keep the theme of Fantasyland with our living environment and imaginations!


Thanks for your time on this one and do love your post!


It's a Small World will not be a theme of a Disney Vacation Club Resort

Just don’t make me stay in a It’s a Small World Themed Room Photo by Jeff_B.


Dad’s I wish I could go back in time Answer


Dear Beach,


I love the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). I wish I could go back in time to the 1980’s when the first Disney Vacation Club property called the Disney Vacation Club (now the Old Key West Resort) was built. It sold for about $50.00 per point and included park tickets for the whole family. Please, someone find me a time machine so I can go back and buy.


It sounds like you might be a great candidate for the DVC. For some families, it doesn’t make much sense.


First let me say, buying the DVC is very expensive. Currently it costs up to $112 per point plus yearly dues. The minimum purchase (through Disney) is 160 points. That means you will have to shell out almost $18,000 dollars for your “investment”.

It’s not financially smart to borrow money to buy the points for the Disney Vacation Club (but many do). In the long run the interest will make the total price too high.

Let’s take a look and see who the Disney Vacation Club makes sense for …

Who the it makes sense for


If you go to Walt Disney World either every year, or every other year and stay in a Deluxe Resort you should purchase a membership. If you go every year and stay at a Moderate Resort every you should purchase a membership.

Those who it doesn’t make sense for


If you go to Walt Disney World infrequently it doesn’t make sense for you. If you can’t afford the big upfront payment and the yearly dues, it doesn’t make sense for you. If you are comfortable staying at a Value Resort, the Disney Vacation Club won’t make sense for you.


Once you pay the initial price you will only pay the yearly dues that are around $4 to $6 per point per year. These change from year to year and tend to go up almost every year.

What I like about the DVC


I like the idea of having lots of room when vacationing. I’m a big fan of having a the kitchen (but Mrs. Mom hates it, guess who wins that argument) and a sitting room to relax in. The Disney Vacation Club rooms are huge compared to normal hotel rooms.

What I don’t like


What I don’t like about the it is the newer resorts aren’t nearly as family friendly as the old ones. Disney seems to be in love with couch beds. Not Dad. Dad wants a real bed and any room that “sleeps” 8 but 4 of them are sleeping in couches or chairs means the room only sleeps 4 to Dad.

The Future


Just a quick word about the future of the Disney Vacation Club. I do see the building binge slowing down at Walt Disney World. Rumors are that the next resort will be at the Grand Floridian. These rumors come up all the time. (Two years ago it was the Ft. Wilderness Campground.)


With the new resorts at Disneyland and Hawaii, I see Disney expanding to more locations outside of Disney World.


About the Fantasyland Theme, that’s probably not in the cards. None of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts have themes that come from the parks or movies. For now the only themed rooms are in the Moderate Resorts and the Contemporary Resort. Sorry.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Beach Comer, I wish I had a Disney Vacation Club membership. Maybe when the Grand kids come. Maybe not. The idea is great if you can afford it and you plan to go to Walt Disney World a lot over the next few years.


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Comments for

Mar 04, 2013 DVC points
by: Anonymous I don’t know if you mentioned that you can bank a years points. We banked 2012 points so we are able to use 2012, 2013 and borrow 2014 points all at once. We also didn’t spend 18,000 we spent less than that we only bought what we can afford which was 80 points. Once we pay it all off we are in for 45 yrs, and we can at any time add points too. Just some extra info for you, you might have mentioned it already and I missed it. If I did, oops 🙂

Oct 23, 2011 DVC perks
by: Tiffany Note also that DVC members can get a discount on annual passes. There is also a discount on renewing your passes. Also, as a member you can add the Dining Plan without buying park tickets! Which is great if you are staying on property but not going into the parks. I have a family of 6 so while we never minded staying in the value resorts (All Star Movies our fav!) once the baby came along we would have had to get two rooms. Making our once affordable trip very pricey. DVC has also allowed us to book our first Disney Cruise over Christmas with two staterooms which would have cost us over $10,000!

Sep 06, 2011 Valid points!
by: Amanda I wanted to point out something that many people do not consider when purchasing DVC. I’ve run into it many times…. DVC means you have a place to sleep. It does not mean you have – tickets or dining or transportation to Florida. It also means if you frequently travel during Disney World “discount” seasons you will no longer be able to take advantage of the discounts. Yes, free dining is becoming more and more rare and the percentage off personal pin codes are never a guarantee. But either way if you still plan to have a vacation at Disney World you will need food and tickets! So be sure you weigh the cost of what an annual pass or 7 day ticket, etc. would be for your family on top of the cost of the DVC start up and yearly fees.Thanks for a great post Dad!

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