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What Do You Think of RideMax?


by Amy
(Gilbert, AZ)


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Hey there! My friend sent me a link to RideMax blog. Have you heard of a RideMax app? Do you know if it works? How it works? I’m going over the blog now to check it out. Just bought the Unofficial guide to WDW book today. That’s enough information to keep me busy until the trip in 2 weeks. But I’m really interested in this RideMax thing. Thanks!



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As a Walt Disney World loving Dad who just so happens to have a little blog, website, Facebook page, etc. dedicated to helping families around the world plan their Perfect Vacations, it’s a part of my job to stay up-to-date on all the news and tools to help navigate the most magical place on earth. So yes, I’ve heard of RideMax, but I’ve got to be honest – in this Dad’s opinion, there are much better tools on the market.


I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m not a fan of RideMax. It’s hard to use. They won’t help you plan for Sundays. They don’t take Extra Magic Hours into account (except for Magic Kingdom). They only release planning information a few weeks in advance. They don’t have free trials so you can test the tool out before you commit to buy it. And they only provide custom plans, they don’t have a catalog of plans you can choose from.


Dad prefers They have a great planning tool, tons of useful information, and the Lines app. You can build your own custom plan or choose from one of dozens of tried and true plans. And, the folks at TouringPlans are established experts in their field – they’ve been putting out the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World for years, one of the most trusted planning books on the market.


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Hmmm… Dad… isn’t TouringPlans a sponsor of your site? Don’t you HAVE to say they’re the best? Thanks for bringing that up. Yes, I am very proud to say that is a sponsor of Dad’s site. I do get a little portion of the money from your subscription or any monies you might pay if you click on one of Dad’s links. But I still use TouringPlans and Lines to plan my trips, and I wouldn’t suggest that my readers use them if they weren’t such great tools.


A final deciding factor to me is the price. A full year subscription on RideMax is $26.95 versus $11.95 on TouringPlans – where you get a lot more bang for your buck in Dad’s opinion. But you can decide for yourself – many of TouringPlans features are available to test o a limited basis before you sign up. RideMax doesn’t let you take their tool on a test drive, but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Amy, RideMax is one of several tools on the market to help you plan your Perfect Vacation, but in Dad’s opinion, it’s not the best. Check our TouringPlans – you won’t be disappointed. Trust me.


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