What does Disney consider to be a 'snack'?

What does Disney consider to be a 'snack'?

by Vanessa
(San Antonio )

Hello Again!

I've added the Quick Service Dining Plan along with my vacation package in June. From what I understand, I get two snacks and two quick service meals per day. I've read few reviews that claim that a snack credit can be used towards the purchase of a breakfast item such as a muffin, bagel or cinnamon roll. This would mean that I would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered. It sounds a little too good to be true...is it?

(And all dads know that sometimes the young and inexperienced have to learn the hard way. It was cute to imagine that the Disney call center reps are dressed in princess costumes and sprinkle reservations with pixie dust but in reality they sure can be stingy with the discounts and promotions! Now that I'm wiser and have come to my financial senses I'll have to use your travel agent services next year!)

Dad's I always write wearing a pixie costume Answer


Yes, children have to live and learn. It's sometime hard for us older generation to watch (sigh).

But you have learned well. You are quite correct about the snacks and breakfast. Breakfast is the best time to use your snack credits. There are several restaurants scattered around where muffins and rolls are considered snacks. The rest of the day, it's mainly drinks, popcorn, or ice cream. Usually if an item is under $4.00 it qualifies for a snack, but not always. Dad has the Dining Plan information tucked away neatly on his ...

Dad's Disney Dining Plan page

Dad's Bottom Line

Vanessa, I look forward to next year and watching your growth during the year. Make sure to come back after your pixie dustless trip and tell dear ole Dad all about it.

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