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What does low crowds at Walt Disney World mean?




So, this is a question about the crowds level at DW. Family of 4 will be there October 15 – 22 and everything I have read is that the crowds will be low … but really what does low crowds at Walt Disney World mean??


I’ve read all of your advice on crowds and will follow them!


We will definitely take advantage of FastPass for the most popular rides (Soarin, Expedition Everest. Toy Story Mania). But what about the rides that don’t have FastPass available. Will we be able to just walk right on to the rides?


And, do I really need to show up 1+ hour(s) before the Fantasmic! show?


Oh, and one more, should we avoid Magic Kingdom during the day of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Or is that a really good time to go to Magic Kingdom as everyone else will be waiting until the Party to start?


25 days and counting down each hour!!




No Crowds on the Walt Disney World Boardwalk

No crowds on the Boardwalk at Walt Disney World Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s that’s a good question Answer


Now here is a good question that I don’t think I’ve ever answered. Yes, I talk about crowds all the time, but I don’t think I’ve ever really defined what the different crowd levels mean.


On Dad’s Disney World crowd pages, I uses 4 basic levels. Low, Medium, High and Outrageous. (I throw in a couple of others but those are the main categories.)

Dad’s Disney World Crowds page


Let’s look at each level …


Low crowds at Walt Disney World occur in the spring and fall. When crowds are low, it feels almost like the picture above. You can walk through the parks very comfortably. Lines are so short you can walk on most rides. Even the rides that normally have hour long rides, you can walk on. (The Princess and Her Prince Charming were able to walk on to Expedition Everest and ride it a second time with a 5 minute ride at 10:00 in the morning and that was the norm for the week they were there.) This is what you should experience.


Medium crowds at Walt Disney World means you have to wait a while for some rides. The big rides, like Toy Story Mania will have lines that reach 20-45 minutes. You will start to get jostled occasionally when you are walking through the parks. Medium crowds can sometimes be annoying but not too bad.


High crowds start getting uncomfortable. This is when you start getting bumped by strollers. Where everywhere you walk you bump into people. Lines are long even on the slower rides. The biggies, like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster will have lines over an hour.


Outrageous crowds are just outrageous. When the crowds are this large, sometimes you can’t get where you want to go. You just have to go where the herd is going. Lines are so long, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes to see Carousel of Progress. Getting a hamburger can take over an hour.


About the Magic Kingdom on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party day. Remember, the park will close at 6 pm. So if this is your only day at the Magic Kingdom you won’t get to see Wishes or any of the evening festivities. It is, however, a really good day to visit. Typically, because the park closes early, crowds are low on most party days. shows that on Party dates crowd levels are projected to be extremely low. Party days are great days to visit the Magic Kingdom.


The Fantasmic! question is a little trickier. Over the last year or more Disney has cut back on the number of Fantsamic! shows. Until this summer, they were only putting on the show one or two or three days per week. That meant that it was imperative to line up early to get a seat.


The week you will be there Fantasmic! is showing almost every night. While an hour might be a bit much, I’d be in line between 30 and 45 minutes before the show.

Dad’s Fantasmic! page


Dad’s Bottom Line


If you can go when Dad’s Crowd Calendars, or forecast low crowds you will find yourselves almost all alone in the parks. OK, maybe that’s a bit of and exaggeration, but it’s the Perfect time for a Perfect vacation.


Dad's Disney World home page



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disney world crowds


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disney world events


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Comments for

May 08, 2012 Free Disney Dining
by: Allie Just found your web page. It’s awesome. We are going in Oct 15-25. (40th Anniversary) Looks like we picked a good time. Crowds are low. Do you think they will offer free Disney Dining during our stay as the crowds are low?


From Dad

Allie, I’ve quit predicting Free Dining at Walt Disney World. I’ve thought for over a year they were going to do away with it. There will be some kind of discount for that time.

My suggestion is to go to Dad’s Destinations to Travel page and make a reservation. When the discounts come out they will get them applied to your reservation.

Have a great trip. (By the way I hope that’s a really good time to be at WDW. Mrs. Mom and I will be there too.)

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