What does Value mean on your Crowd Calendar?

What does Value mean on your Crowd Calendar?

by Carleen
(Pittsburgh, PA)


What does it mean when you have value marked on a particular day?

Dad's April Disney World Crowd Calendar

Check out Dad's April Disney World Crowd Calendar

What Carleen is talking about is on our Crowd calendars. You can look at any of them like say the March Disney World Crowd calendars, April, May, June, any of the calendars on our crowd pages and see where we have the extra words.

On our Crowd calendar, which shows the Crowds, we've added in value, regular, or peak. We've added those on our Crowd calendars.

Dad's April Disney World Crowds page

These words come from the new Disney World Ticket program. Disney World tickets now are sold by seasons. There are three seasons. The three seasons are called value, regular, and peak. The bigger the crowds the higher the price of the ticket. The highest price being peak. Regular being the middle level, and value being the lowest level.

When you look at our Crowd calendars we've got the ticket levels value, regular, and peak listed on the corresponding days.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

That's what that is about Carleen. Value is the lowest price, regular is the middle price, peak is the high price.



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