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What happens to my reservation is a discount comes out?


by Jim
(Schertz, Tx)


If we made reservations early to guarantee a particular resort, and later after we’ve made the reservation, Disney offers a discount, would we be able to take advantage of the discount offer? It concerns us that by booking early, we may guarantee a resort we want, but lose money if prices are discounted later.


The waterfall at the Wilderness Lodge

You can usually get a discount to the Wilderness Lodge – Photo by Mike Billick


Jim, it kind of depends on the resort. Number one, you cannot lose the resort. Disney will not move you because there’s a discount. You have to request that. In fact, Disney will not apply a discount to your reservation without you, or somebody, your representative, getting in touch and saying, “We want the discount.” You have to go through that process. We’ll talk about that more in just a minute. Your reservation won’t change just because a discount comes out. It won’t change unless you take some action to change it, so if you want that resort, you’ll be locked in.


Now, not every resort is available on every discount. Typically, the Art of Animation Little Mermaid suites, the three bedroom villas are excluded from promotions. The Port Orleans French Quarter, typically is not available. Sometimes,and even Port Orleans Riverside is left out. There are rooms all around the are excluded. It just depends on how many rooms have already been booked. That’s what Disney goes by.


Your resort may not be eligible for the discount. If it is, you, or your representative, take the action to apply the discount. If what you want is available, then sure, you can get it. But, they’re not going to change resort without your direct permission.


I would suggest you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel. They deal with this all the time. They can walk you through these steps. They can assure you. They may not assure you, but they’ll work as hard as they can to get you that reservation, that discount. Disney is not going to do it automatically.


Destinations to Travel watches your reservation. They’ve got a list of what reservations for what days, and when a discount comes out, they’re starting at three o’clock in the morning, getting things ready. Calling Disney. They’re on the phone and internet all day long with Disney getting everybody their reservation, their discounts. That’s what they do. That’s their job.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


It doesn’t cost you anything. They do that as part of their service. It’s a great service. They do all kinds of things like helping set up your My Disney Experience, working with you on FastPass+, working with you on dining reservations. They’ll even do your dining reservations for you.



Destinations to Travel LLC.
Get in touch with Destinations to Travel and let them work with you to get that reservation and to assure you that you’re not going to miss out, either on the resort that you want, or the discount, or both. They’ll take great care of you.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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