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What is the best room location at the Polynesian Resort?


by Paul
(Asheboro, NC)

We stayed at the Polynesian this year and loved it!!! Our room was the last room in the Rarotonga house and is was perfect. Close to the exit, a view of the monorail that my youngest son loved, privacy with the garden view.

Our family wants to go back next year and stay at the Polynesian. AAA says we can ask for the very same room number, which is convenient, but are there other locations you have stayed that would be the same (but different)?

A view of the monorail would actually be good for us instead of a view of the harbor or beach or pool. Have you stayed at the Tonga House, or Aotearoa House?

Also, give me a brief review of all the places you have stayed at the Polynesian.

I used lots of your tips on my last trip!! Thanks!!


Dad’s we’re pretty boring Answer

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the question about our favorite place in the whole wide world. Glad you had a good trip. I’d love to hear more about it sometime.

We have only stayed in 2 longhouses at the Polynesian. Our first trip, we fell in love with the Rapa Nui (which was called the Pago Pago at the time) and try to stay there every trip. When we went with the whole tribe, we stayed in the Rarotonga. I grumped initially when they told us we were in the Rarotonga, but it turned out great. I don’t know which we would prefer today.

The best thing about the Rapa Nui is the proximity to the Transportation and Ticket Center. It’s an easy walk over to the monorails and the ferry.

I would, just one time, like to stay in Hawaii with the Magic Kingdom view, but that’s a few years away.

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All of the Longhouses have something to offer, but if I had to choose for another trip, I’d probably go back to the old standbys.

Dad’s Polynesian Village Resort page

Comments for What is the best room location at the Polynesian Resort?

Jul 09, 2010 Rarotonga 

by: Mrs. Mom

If I remember correctly from our trip with all 15 members of my side of the family, at first, I too was grumpy since we weren’t in the Rapa Nui. HOWEVER, I feel that it turned out great for THAT group of people on THAT trip!

We could catch the monorail at the Great Ceremonial House or at the TTC. Either one wasn’t too far of a walk for my parents or the youngest (4 year old). Also, we were close to the bus stop (and we didn’t have cars). Finally, Rarotonga is close to the Ceremonial House and that was great for breakfast–my parents could start over there on their own and one of us was sure to catch up with them–they walk and eat very slowly. And my brother-in-law with the 8, 6, and 4 year old could run get breakfast and take it back to their room while my sister was getting everybody dressed.

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