What is the humidity like at Disney World in the spring?

by Wendy
(Irvine, CA)


We are going to WDW the last week of April/first few days of May. What will the humidity be like at that time? I have been in August before (never again), also in October (perfect weather). I have never been in the spring. We are from California, and I am such a whiner when it is too muggy. Please put my mind at ease.

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Dad’s Hot in Here Answer


With your trip around the corner you must be getting awfully excited! Dad’s here to help just as you’re starting to consider what to pack for a springtime trip to Walt Disney World. As you know, Florida is much more humid than California, and that’s true at any time of year. I can’t tell you there will be no humidity, but I can tell you that it won’t be anything like the sweaty, grumpy, messy humidity you experienced in August!

Dad too made the mistake of going to Walt Disney World once in August. Just like you said – never again. But when Mrs. Mom and I visited last fall the weather was a little hotter and humider (yes, I know). The thing about weather in Florida is that it can change at the drop of a hat. Hurricane season can come early or late. Sometimes you can swim in Decemeber, other times you need mittens. It’s topsy turvy.

A trip in late April / early May should result in temperatures and humidity levels similar to an October trip, if you look at historical averages. Now, there’s always the chance that your October trip was especially cool and this spring is especially warm (or vice versa) but assuming historical averages are correct, you’ll be just fine.

Right now, looking ahead to your trip dates it looks like you’ll be experiencing temperatures in the range of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit, with around 80% humidity, which will make everything feel about 15 degrees hotter. So it’s not that cool, but compared to the over-100-degree temperatures in August, it should be a cake walk.

If that humidity scares you, just remember that part of the reason August at Walt Disney World is so unbearable is because there are throngs of people everywhere who are sweaty, grumpy, hot, sticky, stinky, and cranky – which doesn’t make for an enjoyable trip and makes it feel even hotter than it is. Going in April/May is great because crowd levels are still low and manageable.

Whatever you do, make sure that you park smart (light, breezy clothing, shoes with support that let your feet breathe) and have a plan to escape the heat when you need to. There are plenty of ways to cool down and it’s always best to be safety smart in the heat, which is especially true for folks from cooler, less humid climates.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Wendy, I hope I’ve been able to put your mind at ease regarding the humidity for your upcoming trip – have a magical vacation and stop back at Dad’s Guide after your trip to let me know how you handled the heat!

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