What is the Perfect length of time at Walt Disney Worldl

What is the Perfect length of time at Walt Disney Worldl

by Crystal Olwert
(Wethersfield, CT)

Hi Dad,

We were originally going to be going to Disney this coming December, but a cross country move has pushed that plan back a couple of years. Since we couldn't go this year we have decided to wait until the baby is 4 and Fantasyland is open and go December of 2013. That gives us more time to plan and save too.

We were originally planning on 6 days. Do you think that is what we should stick with? If you could pick the perfect length of time at Walt Disney World, other than forever, haha, how long would it be? We have 5 daughters, but they are troopers, we go on long hikes and they never complain about being tired, so taking a break during the day is not a priority. How many days is your perfect Disney vacation?

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Perfect length of time at Walt Disney World means time to smell the roses

the garden in France is where you smell the roses when you are in Disney World for the perfect length of time
Photo by Samatha Decker

Dad's it depends Answer


Thanks for the great question. What is the perfect length of time at at Walt Disney World?

I've got to say, this one is harder than it seems. There are a lot of factors that go in to this answer, so let's just start peeling the onion back and figuring out what's best.

I'm not sure even I could actually live at Disney World. (I'd sure like to try.) So we'll rule that out. Lets start by looking at families with younger children (like yours).

For families with younger children, I recommend longer stays. Yes, I said longer stays. Walt Disney World is the perfect vacation destination for children and younger children. There is so much for them to do and enjoy. The only problem is, they don't have the stamina to go all day long.

For families with younger children I'd say the perfect length of time at Walt Disney World is about 7 days. Maybe 5 during the slow times, but maybe 8 during the summer. This gives you a couple of days each at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. That way you can do an early morning and a late evening and see all of the parades and fireworks shows.

Seven days will also allow some time to see some of the extras like the mini-golf courses, Downtown Disney, Fort Wilderness Campground and some of the other mind-blowing activities outside of the parks. It also will give you time to go to either Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon

If you have teenagers, I'd cut that down by a day. Teenagers can stay up later and get up early. They don't need afternoon naps. (Yeah, right. The Man-Child's favorite afternoon napping place is the Enchanted Tiki Room.)

For a young honeymoon couple (like the Princess and her Prince Charming) 5 days is probably enough. For newly empty nesters (like Dad and Mrs. Mom) the perfect length of time at Walt Disney World is probably about a month. (Hear that Mrs. Mom. Pack your bags.) Not really, it can be anytime from 5 to 10 days.

One of the big variables is the time of year and crowd levels. If crowds are big, you need to stay longer, if the crowds are small, you can stay less time.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Crystal, one of the things Dad really recommends, is to take time to see some of the really neat extras that Disney adds all around the resort. Time to Stop and Smell the Roses. Literally. Disney has some of the best flora in the world. Take time to enjoy it.

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