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What is there for boys to do at Walt Disney World?


by Jennifer


I’m really close to booking our first family vacation to Disney December 10-16th. My 5 year old daughter is excited for everything princess but my 7 year old son wants to know what fun things are there for boys to do at Walt Disney World? Can you suggest anything he might really enjoy?


 How about checking out the bugs.

What is there for boys to do at Disney World? What boy doesn’t like bugs? Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Oh, boy Answer




Wow, is there a lot for boys to do at Walt Disney World. (That’s a statement not a question.) Let’s dive right in.


Since you’re going in December, we’ll rule out the water parks but they have lots of great stuff for boys of all ages. From the swimming with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon to the ski slopes of Blizzard Beach there is something for any boy at the water parks.


Now that we’ve skipped the water parks, let’s look at the parks …


You always have to start with the Magic Kingdom. At the Magic Kingdom, boys can …


At EPCOT boys will like …


At Disney Hollywood Studios boys have lots to do (and we don’t even have to look at the wild rides)…


The Animal Kingdom is a park built for boys. From the animals of the Safari around to the Boneyard, this place is full of boy stuff. What boy doesn’t want to smell the stink bug at It’s Tough to be a Bug?


If the parks aren’t enough, all around the hotels there is boy stuff, from the Sea Rayers at the marinas, to fishing on Seven Seas Lagoon there is horseback riding at Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, there is a pirate party at the Grand Floridian …

Dad’s Bottom Line


Jennifer, there is a lot for boys to do at Walt Disney World. This might be a big list, but it just scratches the surface of the things for boys to do.


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Comments for

Oct 16, 2011 Pirates!
by: Anonymous Don’t for get The Pirate League at Magic Kingdom. Our family was at Walt Disney World in September and aside from swimming with sharks at typhoon, The Pirate League was my 9 year old’s favorite part of the trip. It takes about an hour, but the waiting area is cool, they get dressed up as their favorite Captain Jack, they also do an empress for the girls. At the end they get invited to join in the pirate parade. The best part for me? It was only $30! In a land of BBBotique, Pirate League rocks for boys.

If you are staying on site you can also check out pirate cruises.

Oct 13, 2011 3 boys!
by: Amanda I have 3 boys and they have NEVER been bored at Disney! Like Dad mentioned, there is so much to do for all ages and both genders. My boys love Disney!

Oct 10, 2011 Boys Remember
by: Mrs. Mom Don’t forget about Bwana Bob’s!!!!!

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