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What rides are closed at Disney World?


by Angie
(Granite Falls, NC)


Hi Dad! 26 days!!! I’m so excited. We are surprising our 7 year old daughter. She has no idea! But I digress…I’m creating my way-too detailed plan and I’m a little confused about some things on the Disney website. I need to know what rides are closed at Disney World. For example, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, are the camp Minnie-Mickey greeting trails still open? They were closed our last trip so I’m not sure.


Also, they have the Cretaceous trail listed and I can’t find what that even is. Also, in Magic Kingdom is Dumbo still open? I’m assuming The Barnstormer is closed because of the expansion. Can you offer any of your illustrious insight with these questions? Thanks so much!!!!!

The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer – photo by Brett Svenson

Dad’s you’ve come to the right place Answer



Like you, I find Disney’s website an incredibly difficult place to find information. So, you’ve come to the right place. Because Dad knows what rides are closed at Disney World.


First Camp Minnie-Mickey. It is open. There was a time last year where it was closed for a while, but it’s back open now.


The Cretaceous Trail is where they keep the plastic animals. You know the ones that died a billion years ago and all we have left of them is a bunch of plastic copies. Here’s a video from our friends over at Undercover Tourist that shows what’s on it …

The Enchanted Tiki Room
To be quite honest, I’ve never walked down the Cretaceous Trail. Never found the need. This one is very missable.


Now, when it comes to closures for the Fantasyland Upgrade, all of Mickey’s Toontown Fair is closed. Yes, The Barnstormer is closed. It’s the only thing from that section that will survive.


Dumbo is still open. My guess is it will only close for a couple of weeks right before the new section opens.


Here are the rest of the closures for August

Me, I would be a bit bummed about the first two. I love the Tiki Room and the Shootin Arcade. But me, I’ll miss Primeval Whirl every time.

Dad’s Bottom Line


You’ll have a great time. Don’t worry too much about the closures.


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