What should our family do at Disney World while waiting ...

What should our family do at Disney World while waiting ...

by Christina R.

I got a question for you, Dad..

What should my family and I do at Disney World while we're waiting for our room to be available to check into our room? My guess is wander around Downtown Disney for a couple of hours.. but that can only entertain for so long.

Assuming we get there at 10 AM and check in is 3 PM anyways. Any other advice is much appreciated.

Pop Century Resort

What should our family do if we can't get into the Pop Century?
Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad's don't expect a nap Answer


Thanks for the great question you asked over on Dad's Facebook Page.

So what can you do at Disney World if you show up before check-in time? Simple, go to your hotel, get your tickets and go to one of the theme parks. (Dad recommends the Magic Kingdom) You can leave your luggage with bell services, or if you are using Disney's Magical Express then they will deliver the luggage magically to your room, even while you're at the parks. It's a beautiful thing.

Dad's Disney Parks page

Even though check-in time is 3pm at most of the resorts, that doesn't mean you will get a room at 3. You should, but as Dad found out, that doesn't always happen. (One time we didn't get one until after 9pm.) So, having alternate plans is a really good idea.

Other ideas would to go check out all the neat Disney World hotels you've never tried. While you're at it you can check out one of the scariest rides anywhere the Disney Transportation system.

Dad's Bottom Line

Thousands of guests arrive at Disney World before check-in time every month. There's lot to do. Grab your tickets and go ride rides. Whooo Hoooo!

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Apr 28, 2011
Try pity or Shop
by: Joyce

Sometimes if you tell them that you have been driving all night and just need a place to wash your face...A room suddenly is ready. It has been done for my family more than a few times at Disney World. If they can put you in a room early they usually will...It doesn't hurt to try...And if that doesn't work....go to Downtown Disney and SHOP!!

Apr 27, 2011
by: Christina R.

I didn't know you could get your tickets like that, I thought you had to wait until you were checked in and that whole shindig. That makes it a lot easier. Very excited. Thank you so much as always, Dad!

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