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What time does the shuttle to WDW run?

Dad believes in having a car at Disney World especially if you are staying at an offsite hotel. Here’s why.

On Dad’s last trip to Orlando, he stayed at a hotel just outside Disney World. This hotel shall remain nameless. (It’s initials were Embassy Suites.) Dad planned all week to go to Disney World in the evenings after work and just enjoy being around the magic. So Dad, being ever vigilant and doing research for his marvelous readers, checked the time the shuttle ran to the parks.

The answer was more than a little disappointing. Dad was told, (things may have changed since Dad was there) that the shuttle only ran one time per hour and that it dropped off at Downtown Disney.

That means it could take you up to an hour from the time you got on the shuttle at the hotel (that will remain unnamed) until you arrived at any of the Disney World parks. If you just missed the shuttle, it could take 2. This hotel is less than a mile from DIsney World.

Yes, not all hotels outside Disney World are quite this bad, but you lose control of the schedule when you rely on someone else.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you are staying at a hotel outside of Disney World, you should rent a car, or be sure of the shuttle schedule.

Oh, yeah – Dad’s not a big fan of cabs.

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  1. So, the shuttle only took hotel (that shall remain nameless) guests to Downtown Disney? Since there’s no Disney buses from Downtown Disney to the parks, did the hotel (that shall remain nameless) suggest you go against park rules and take a Disney bus to a Disney resort, and from there to a park?

    If so, I wonder if this cheapskate plan is Disney-approved?

    1. Post


      I don’t remember the hotel (that shall remain nameless, Embassy Suit s, that’s what the sign outside said) saying anything about getting to the parks from Downtown Disney. But, if you ask any Disney employee, they’ll tell you to go to a hotel and change buses.

      P.S. This takes forever. Dad recommends you rent a car.

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