What Time Should I Reserve My FastPass+ for?

by Matthew Shepard
(Charlotte, NC)

Everything I’ve read about getting fastpass+, says I should get them for morning so that I can get more for the rest of the day. Isn’t it better to be at the parks at rope drop (or close to rope drop), ride the rides when the crowds are low and save the fastpasses for times when the crowds will be higher? If I do as everyone says won’t the fastpasses be booked, since people can now book ahead of time.


What’s the best use of your FastPass+ reservations? – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Dad’s Not So Fast Answer

Matthew, I know the FastPass+ system is complicated. There are a lot so rules and everyone thinks they know the “best” way to use it. Here’s a little secret: there is no “best” way, it’s really up to what works best for you and your family. But good ol’ Dad has some thoughts on how to best use FastPass+.

The first thing to figure out what your family’s vacation style is like. Do you like to sleep in? Are you up super early then do you take a nap in the afternoon? Do you hate waiting in a crowd for a good view of a parade? Take those into consideration when planning your FastPass+ (it’s no good to use a FastPass+ for a parade if you don’t mind waiting for a good seat or if you’ll be swimming at 3 o’clock anyhow!).

The next thing to consider is your touring schedule. Will you have Park Hopper? What are your plans each day?

If you’re planning to do Magic Kingdom in the morning then head over to EPCOT in the evening for dinner and Illuminations, then using your FastPass+ early in the day makes sense. If you’re planning an early morning at Animal Kingdom and then an evening of thrill rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, booking those later is the thing to do.

magic bands

Once your FastPass+ are set, you can scan your Magic Bands and tour the parks with ease – Photo by Brett Svenson

If you’re planning to visit one park per day, then I would get to the park for rope drop, get on as many things as possible, plan for some indoor shows and less popular rides in the afternoon, then save my FastPass+ for the evening. But if you’re planning a character breakfast or a later start, get the “big” rides like Space Mountain and Soarin’ for the early afternoon, so that hopefully you can get some FastPass+ for smaller rides like Jungle Cruise or Living with the Land later in the day (typically the “smaller” rides are all that’s left)

Basically, you want to plan out a rough idea of your schedule each day (including any Advanced Dining Reservations) and then decide what the best use of FastPass+ is for your PLAN on a day-by-day basis. That’s the best way to get value from the system.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Matthew, FastPass+ is a handy tool, but it’s not essential to you enjoyment of WDW. Don’t let itstress you out too much. Do what Dad says and you’ll have a great time, trust me.

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