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What to Do?

by The Princess

Hey Y’all! The Princess back again with another TAWDA planning blog. Some of you out there are thinking who is The Princess and what is TAWDA. Let’s do a quick recap, I am The Princess (and no I do not think I am special, I am Dad’s daughter and he has always called me his little Princess, so he refers to me on here as The Princess). What is TAWDA? It stands for T’s Amazing Walt Disney Adventure. Recently our family grew by 1 member when my brother and his wife adopted T.


We are taking T for his first trip to WDW, the week of Thanksgiving! We are very excited. I have been blogging about my experiences with planning a trip for 7 people in less than 5 months. And while you might think I am an expert, since I am Dad’s daughter, trust me I am not. All 8 of my trips have been planned by Dad himself. So I’m learning about trip planning just like you, from big things like making reservations to little things like doing some trip preparation by planning Disney movie nights.


Enough about me, let’s talk about what we are going to do on this trip and planning that out.

splash mountain

We’re going to ride ALL the water rides at WDW on this trip! Photo by Cliff Wang


Planning Every Detail

As Dad has taught me, every good trip has a PLAN. Some people in our family are very detailed planners (yes, me), and others are more go with the flow (The Man-Child). Yin and Yang, but you have to balance those two when planning a trip to WDW. You also have to have every one on board with the plan, so communication is key.


When making the PLAN you have to make sure you understand the top priorities for all members of your party. In our family, we have a spreadsheet we send out and have each member fill out. You can rate the rides from 0 (I will die if I have to do this) to 5 (I will die if I do not get to do this). Then the person planning takes those and does the math and decides which attractions and shows to see at each park.

Making Magic for T

This trip is all about T and what he wants to do. Dad, Mrs. Mom, and I went to see The Man Child for his birthday and found out that T really, really wants to do all the water rides. This is something we usually skip, but I am going to make sure to work each water ride into the plan. This also means all of us will be packing a few extra things in the backpack (extra socks, sandals, maybe a new shirt to change into so we can stay comfy).


We also want to show T some of our traditions, so we are going to the Candlelight Processional on the last night of our trip, which is the first show of the year. There are places that we eat that are tradition like O’hana and Teppan Edo. I was lucky enough to get a reservation for Teppan Edo for our first day in the parks. Our travel agent at Destinations to Travel, was able to help us get a reservation for O’hana! We like to eat and eating at WDW is the best.


Our trip will also be full of first-time experiences for most of us. This was a hotly debated topic when we were in the initial phases of planning. 5 out of 7 of us have never been in Animal Kingdom after dark and were excited to do that, but Dad in his plan had us leaving Animal Kingdom before dark. I expressed my thoughts to Dad, and he saw my point of view, so the plan changed.

Here are a few key things to remember when planning:

1. Get all the members of your group on board,
2. Communication is key
3. Remember why you are going
4. The plan can change it is not set in stone.


Next week, I will be talking about FastPass+ and making a plan for those. Until then check out our community page on Facebook where I ask for your help planning our trip!


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana




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