What to wear in the fall at Disney World

by Louise thundow
(Bearsted, kent, uk. )


We are traveling from the United Kingdom on the 29th of October this year for 2 weeks, so we will be there in November too, what will the weather be like? Will we need to wear shorts etc?

I’m traveling with my partner, 15 year old son (16 in January 2014) and 3 year and 1 month old son. We live in the UK, so summers aren’t the best, so just wanted to know if we need light shorts etc, our shops are just getting the summer clothes in, so I want to start getting bits soon.

We are planning to go to Walt Disney World lots, WDW water parks, Universal both parks, Sea World and Busch Gardens so full on 2 weeks, but we cannot wait! We haven’t had a holiday since our last trip to Orlando in 2009 so gonna be amazing and our youngest is soooooo excited! You helped me before regarding Halloween or Christmas party’s at WDW, so looking forward to hearing from you.

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Tom Sawyer Island infrared picture

It never looks like this at Disney World – Photo by Tom Bricker

(Taken with infrared photography to make it look like snow.)

Dad’s Layered Answer


One thing that you can usually count on in Florida is warmth. Orlando is pretty warm for most of the year, with the occasional exception. While locals might wear pants and heavy jackets in the “winter” guests from colder climates still feel at home in tee-shirts and shorts, or going for a swim outside in December (brrr!). It’s going to be warm during the day and cooler in the evening on your trip, so Dad suggests layers!

The end of October and early November have a historic average of 60-80 degrees Farenheit. Now, these temperatures could easily change up or down so I’d recommend watching the weather closely starting 2 weeks before your trip to get a better sense of what’s in store for this year. (You can always check the Weather Channel online.) But assuming that history will repeat itself, you’ll want to be dressed lightly in the day with an extra layer or two in the mornings and evenings.

Since you’re used to chillier weather in the UK, you will probably find your trip to Orlando to be quite warm during the day – though lucky for you, humidity at that time of year isn’t so bad! I’d plan on wearing shorts and tshirts during the day, with a light hoodie or sweater for first thing in the morning and at night too. Once the sun goes down you may also want to switch to pants.

Wearing light layers to easily moderate your personal temperature for comfort will be key, and you can either stow your extra clothes in a backpack or a locker at the front of the park. From day to day you may see drastic change (tee shirts one night, hoodie the next afternoon) so make like a Boy Scout and be prepared!

Crowds have a lot to do with how hot you feel it is too – the more hot, sticky, sweaty people you have to fight your way through, the more that you’ll feel hot, sticky, and sweaty too. But lucky for you, crowds are light at this time of year!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Louise, it’s going to be warm in Orlando this fall, but nothing like the sweltering heat of the August. Bring your summer clothes but pack a few warmer items to make sure your whole family is comfortable on your Perfect vacation. Have a great trip!

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