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What week to go to Disney in October or November

by Laura Davis
(Arkansas )

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“We want to go this fall “before” Galaxy’s Edge opens, which I know is still TBD. We can go anytime in October or November and curious which week you will think will be the less crowded. We aren’t sold on either Halloween or Christmas themed and really just wanted the projected lowest crowd. Thank you!!”

Not October

Dad's October Disney World Crowd Calendar

Hi Laura,

I think a lot of people want to go to Disney World before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens. Once that happens the crowds at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be NUTS!

So between October and November I would definitely pick a week in November. October has become one of the busiest months of the year. All month.

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page

There’s just not a good time in October to avoid crowds.

November is lots better

Dad's November Crowd Calendar

Pretty much the whole month of November except for Thanksgiving week is OK. It’s lots better than October.

Dad’s November World Crowds page

As you can see from the crowd calendar, the weekend before Veterans Day is busy and right before Thanksgiving week it gets busy again. (That’s when I predict Galaxy’s Edge will open.)

That’s when I would suggest you go. Any time between Veterans Day (the 11th) and the Friday before Thanksgiving (the 22nd). And you’ll be there during my favorite time of the year, Christmas!

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

I also suggest you get in touch with my friends and partners at Destinations to Travel. They can help you not only make your reservation, but can help with FastPass, making dining reservations and even itinerary planning. They’ll really help.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is mid-November is the best time, with the lowest crowds, in October and November to visit Walt Disney World.


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Comments for

Mar 26, 2019 November crowds with Star Wars Land opening
by: Carmen

Hello Dad… I love your page!, My question is: Is your Crowd Calendar updated considering the opening of Star Wars Land. In other words, we are planning to go to DisneyWorld the week of November 9 to November 16-17, how do you think the crowds will be? Will such date be a good low-crowds date? Or do you recommend me to plan our trip on February 2020?

Dad Answers

I am not going to update any of the crowd calendars for 2019 except for September. I think for the most part while crowds may be a little bigger, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will draw enough people that the other parks will have roughly the same crowd levels.

I would be leery of 2020 because Rise of the Resistance has to open sometime and February 2020 looks like a good time to me.

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