What will the May crowds be like?

by Mark
(Cleveland, Ohio)

What is the crowd levels for May 11-18? We want to know the best parks to go to on what days.

Thanks Dad.

A butterfly on a flower from the Butterfly Garden at the International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT

From the Butterfly Garden at the Flower and Garden Festival – Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s not too bad Answer


Wow, the first part of May at Walt Disney World. What a magnificent time to visit the Orlando area. Spring has sprung and the flowers will be in full bloom. (I know, the flowers are always in full bloom at Disney World, but May is downright special.)

The crowds in May are pretty nice too. There are several reasons why May is the best month to visit Disney World. You can expect short lines and small crowds pretty much your whole visit. There might be a couple of days where the crowds bump up a bit, but for the most part crowds will be pretty small.

Dads’s May Disney World Crowds page

Now as to the daily crowds in each park, I use Touringplans.com when I’m planning my day by day itinerary. They actually have people on site that monitor the crowds at each park. Their Lines app is the best line tracker you’ll find. When we were there last year it was much more accurate than Disney’s line predictions.

Even though you won’t be there with big crowds, there are some basic crowd avoidance strategies that still apply. Get to the parks early, ride the big rides first, things like that. For Dad’s full list you can check out my tips for avoiding crowds page.

Finally, don’t forget, the Flower and Garden Festival will be winding down. There is so much to see and this year they added food booths (like the Food and Wine Festival). The Flower Power Concert Series will provide some quality evening entertainment on the weekends with Herman’s Hermits being there the first weekend and Starship with Mickey Thomas the second. (I really enjoyed Starship last year.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Mark, May is a fabulous time to visit Orlando. Walt Disney World will be beautiful and the crowds will be very manageable. You’ll have a ball.

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Apr 16, 2013 April
by: Pepere

My wife and I are planning to take two grandchildren ages 6&7 the week before April vacation 2014. How is the weather and the crowds around that time?

Thank You

Dad’s Answer

April is just about perfect. Highs in the low 80’s lows in the mid 60’s. Pretty nice if you ask me.

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