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What’s going on with November Crowds?

by Jennifer
(Levittown, New York)

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I’m down here now and coming back for my Honeymooon right after Thanksgiving. Just out of curiosity it seems to be a little crazy crowd wise. Based on coming this week in the past I don’t recall seeing it like this at this time. Is there a possibility as to why?

It’s absolutely beautiful down here decorated 😊 I just have concerns it’ll be like this when I’m here at the end of the month

Thank you

Early Thanksgiving


This November has been a little unusual in that Thanksgiving is very, very early this year. In fact, this year is the earliest Thanksgiving can be.

That’s made the mid-November crowds a little bigger than normal. So the crowds starting the 15th which would normally be tiny are bigger because it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Typically that would be a dead weekend, but with the Thanksgiving crowds are already starting to arrive.

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

End of November Crowds

I’m cheating a little because I’m writing this the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and it looks like the crowds have pretty much all gone away. You should be having a nice relaxing Honeymoon.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is the surge of crowds mid-November 2018 was due to the timing of Thanksgiving. The normal slow after Thanksgiving pattern seems to be settling in just as planned.


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