What’s my best option for dinner on Easter Sunday?

by Suzy
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi there, my family and I (my son who is 9 and my husband) are going to Disney World for Easter this year and I have booked a few Buffet restaurants for our Easter Sunday dinner. I am trying to narrow it down to just one and I can’t decide on which restaurant to keep. I have made reservations at Trails End, Cape May Cafe and Liberty Tree. We are going to Cape May Cafe for breakfast that day too… can you advise how their dinner buffet is? Also, besides the restaurants I have listed, do you have any other suggestions/recommendations? Would you also be able to recommend what Theme Park to attend on Easter Sunday. My son absolutely loves Easter so I would like to make this a fun experience for him. Thanks.

easter parade

Easter Parade pre-show at Magic Kingdom – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s Hopping Down the Bunny Trail Answer

Suzy, even though Easter is a pretty big holiday for many folks in the USA, and the holiday weekend draws very large crowds to WDW, Disney only has a small amount of “special” Easter activities, so plan wisely to ensure you see them all.

Let’s start with the activities you can expect – only Magic Kingdom and EPCOT celebrate Easter, and most of the festivities are held only on the holiday weekend.

At EPCOT, you can play a fun egg hunt game. Select locations around the park sell maps and sticker – then you travel around the park and as you find specially decorated eggs, you indicate where they are on the map using the stickers. At the end, you return to one of the locations that sells the maps (they are $5.95) and get a small prize. You can do this for a few weeks right around Easter.

In the past, some activities like egg hunts, races, mazes, and character greetings just for Easter have been held in EPCOT’s UK pavilion on Easter Sunday, but there has been no formal announcement from Disney this year so these may or may not be happening.

At Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Trolley show will be performing several times a day with a spring/Easter theme including pastel outfits. You’ll be able to meet Mr. and Mrs. Bunny in the Town Square Courtyard from 9am-6pm, and there is a 2 minute Easter Parade pre-show before the Festival of Fantasy Parade during Easter weekend.

Now on to your dining reservations, it really depends on which park you’re planning to go to on Easter Sunday. My vote would be to head to Magic Kingdom to do Easter stuff on Saturday when it will be busy, but not as crazy as Sunday. Then spend Sunday at EPCOT since you’ll already be close by for your Cape May Café breakfast.

If you are spending Easter Sunday at EPCOT, keep your Cape May Buffet dinner reservation (it’s a really great buffet with lots of options for everyone – nice seafood, great sides, fancy cheeses and salads if you’re into that sort of thing).

If you choose to keep your Liberty Tree Tavern reservation at Magic Kingdom for Easter Sunday, I would encourage you to go to the park as early as possible after your breakfast, and not plan to leave. Easter Sunday is very busy and there’s the change of the park closing to capacity, which would mean you wouldn’t be able to make it to your dinner if you arrive too late in the day.

I’d cancel Trail’s End since it will take you furthest away from the parks with a lot of transportation time and on a busy day that’s not a good thing. That’s one that you may be able to reschedule for another night on your trip.

One thing to consider is if you want to do two buffet meals in one day – that’s a lot of food! I speak from experience, and it may be a bit much to handle, especially if you want to be at your best for for touring the parks on Easter. It’s also a lot of time to be sitting down when the parks are so busy and lines will be long. But it might make sense if your family loves long meals!

I do feel I must urge you to make a decision about your dining reservation and release the others as soon as possible. Hoarding reservations is frowned upon by Disney fans – it’s not very nice to keep reservations you won’t use while other people are checking every day to see if they can make a reservation at all. I sympathize with the indecision, but hopefully the information I’ve provided will help you come to a conclusion, and allow you release the other reservations so another guest can have a happy Easter too!

easter eggs

Easter Egg display at the Grand Floridian – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

One more Easter activity your family may enjoy is a visit to the Grand Floridian to see the chocolate Easter Egg display in the lobby. These edible works of art are really something! While you’re there, consider a meal at the Grand Floridian Café.

It will be hard to get Advanced Dining Reservations at this point for most table service restaurants, so I’ll suggest a couple of Quick Service options you might consider: Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom and Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT are both great options with lots of variety and comfort food.

You’ll also find some Easter themed merchandise and sweets available in gift shops in the parks and resorts.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Suzy, you’ll have a great time at WDW this Easter, no matter where you dine. But make a decision quickly so that you can make a PLAN for everything you want to do and see during the holiday weekend!

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