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Wheelchair/ECV park hopping

by Page
(South Carolina)

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“Hi Dad –

I’m taking Mom with me and 2 tween/teen girls over Labor Day weekend. For the first time, Mom will probably need an ECV for navigating the parks. She is mobile enough and has enough endurance to get from our hotel to the park, but not enough to last all day in the park, so she’s willing to rent an ECV.

The question I have for you is: If we park hop, does the ECV rental “hop” too? (Either the ECV itself or a receipt for one park valid for the next park) Or is it a separate rental in each park even on the same date of use?

THANKS for your help!”

Yep, wheelchairs and ECVs Hops with You

Dad sitting on his ECV eating a Mickey Bar

I take mine with me all the time, even when I eat a Mickey Bar – Photo by Mrs. Mom

Hi Page,

This is an easy one that we’ve had to learn about over the last few trips.

When you rent an ECV or a wheelchair at one of the parks you pay a price plus a deposit. The deposit is a refundable.

Disney’s ECV page

When you leave the park you turn in your ECV or wheelchair, they give you your deposit back and a receipt. You keep that receipt and the deposit, and use it when you come back to that park or to a different park to get a new one.

When you turn in the ECV/wheelchair the next time you get the deposit back again.

You can do that all day long.

The ECV deposit is $20. We pay with cash and tuck the $20 bill in with the receipt and use it over and over. I think our record is 5 times in one day.

It’s a little more complicated if you’re paying with a credit card, but it works the same way.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, you only have to pay for the main rental once per day. Keep your receipt and hop away.


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