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When and How to Book a Disney Cruise

by Dad
(The Office)

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How to book a Disney Cruise

The Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

How do you book this beautiful ship? – Photo by Brett Svenson

Continuing with our Disney Cruise theme this month, and today we’re going to talk about when and how to book a Disney Cruise. First let’s talk about how to book a Disney Cruise. Basically there are two ways. The easy way and the hard way.

Dad’s Disney Cruise page

First the hard way. Go on the Disney Cruise Line website, search around through all the options until you come up with the cruise you want to book. You’ll have to figure dates, ship, itinerary, cabin, la dee, dah, dee, dah…

Yes, it’s not hard, but choosing just the right cruise and knowing the in’s and outs, when to book shore excursions? Which ones are best? Transportation options? When to arrive? When to get to the port? How do you board? Which stateroom should you choose? What are cruise documents, Palo, Aquaduck, tipping, tendering, how to the dining rooms work? Do you need cruise insurance. Good luck with all of that.

The second way to book your Disney vacation is the easy way. Or should I say the smart way. Get in touch with a GOOD, a REAL GOOD travel agent that KNOWS the Disney Cruise Line. I heartily and completely recommend Destinations to Travel.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

When you first talk with Destinations to Travel you will be assigned an agent that KNOWS the Disney Cruise Line. It’s their speciality. Not all of their agents can book DCL. They have to go through special training, they have to have been on multiple trips. They have to KNOW DCL.

They will take that and help you book your trip. Then they will help you plan everything. They’ll help you figure out shore excursions, cruise documents, luggage tags, what to pack when you board (very important)… They’ll even tell you what an Aquaduck is.

A lot of travel agents are just out there to book your trip. PERIOD. That’s all they care about. D2T is about making sure you have a great trip. Their goal is to have you as a client for the next trip and the next trip and the next. To do that they really have to take care of you on the first one.
Yeah, I know I’m doing it again, but I’m passionate about you getting the help you need when you go on a trip and even more than at Walt Disney World for a Disney Cruise you NEED help.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

When to book a Disney Cruise

Book your cruise early so you can get the best rooms like this one

Book early for the best room choices – Photo by Brett Svenson

As to when to book a Disney Cruise. Let me quote my old buddy Neil Diamond, “TODAY, TODAY, TODAY!”

Yes, today, today, today.

The thing that’s different about DCL is the best rooms tend to sell out really quickly. What’s really interesting is the high and lowest price rooms are the first too book. We were looking at a cruise for February 2019 and a year in advance it was totally booked up. Not just the best rooms, but every room on the ship. You couldn’t even find it to look at it. Totally booked.

The best views, the best cabins, the best locations, and especially the best itineraries book up quickly. If you want to go to Europe, Alaska, or Panama, you should probably be booking when the itineraries are first announced about 18 months in advance.

Even the Caribbean cruises book early. The early bird gets the worm right?

Lock your stateroom in. They’re aren’t any “bad” staterooms on DCL, but there are some that are better than others.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is if you plan to go on a Disney Cruise, the time to start planning is now. Get in touch with Destinations to Travel or a GOOD Disney Travel Agent and book your cruise today, today, today.


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