When can I book my September 2019 trip?

When can I book my September 2019 trip?

by Susan
(Clarence, NY)


"Hi, I want to plan a trip in September of 2019 when Star Wars is open. How soon can I book the trip? The sooner I can book, the sooner I can start paying."

Star Wars First Order troops marching through Disney's Hollywood Studios

Be careful with these guys - Photo by Cliff Wang

Hi, Susan. Couple of things that we need to talk about. Number one, bookings for 2019 Walt Disney World vacation packages will start sometime in the summer of 2018. Typically mid-July.

Like, this year, we're planning that the 2018 packages will be coming out this That's when Disney typically releases the next year's packages.

Now, if you just want to reserve a room you can do that 499 days in advance. At 499 days in advance you can book a room but not tickets or anything else.

You can't book at 499 days online. It has to be done either by calling Disney or through a travel agent. Now, I would highly recommend whether you're booking a package or if you're booking a room, that you go ahead and book through a good Disney travel agent.

I always recommend Destinations to Travel. They are the best Disney travel agency I know. They do a great job of not only booking but helping you with reservations, FastPass+, dining reservations, setting up My Disney Experience, creating an itinerary and more. They're just really, really good. Their customer service is outstanding. And, it doesn't cost you anything extra.

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You can actually start paying today. Disney just started a program they call the Disney Vacation Account. You put money in for your trip and when it comes time to pay you pay with your Disney Vacation Account and Disney gives you a gift card worth 2% of what you've spent. It's a good way to start saving for your trip today.

The Disney Vacation Account page

Also after you make your reservations you can make payments at any time.

Now, let's talk about one other thing. When it comes to September, 2019, will Star Wars be open in September? Will Star Wars Land be open in 2019? September, 2019? We don't know for sure. Disney has announced that Star Wars will be open in 2019.

Okay, maybe. You know, it's kind of, like, Rivers of Light was supposed to open last summer and it opened a few weeks ago. There was a big hoopla that Rivers of Light was going to open last summer. Yeah, it did, for two weeks and then they closed it down for a year.

We think the Star Wars "land" will be open by September 2019. Is it guaranteed to be open by September? No. So, while it's a good chance it'll be open by September, it might not. Just to let you know. We don't know for sure. This far out, anything could happen.

You know, something could happen and they could have major problems with construction, they could have major problems with the rides. Those things have happened before. Test Track was 18 months from the time it was supposed to open until it did. So, things do happen that delay opening of things.

Now, they've been pretty good, Pandora, but they didn't really announce when Pandora was going to open until about three months before it was going to open. So, announcing something that's going to be open in September two years from now is pretty bold. So, it might be, it might not be. We'll just have to wait and see.


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Dad's Bottom Line

Susan, you can make reservations either in July of 2018 or 499 days in advance. You can start paying right now through the Disney Vacation Account. Hopefully Star Wars Land will be open in September 2019. If it is I might join you!



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