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When can I make my reservation next November?


by Mom Mom


When can I make my reservations for next November 26 – Dec 1? We have 2 grandparents, 2 parents, 2 children ages 4,2..maybe a stray aunt/uncle.


I am the grandmother… I am thinking about convenience for the kids. We stayed in the Contemporary years ago which was great for the monorail. We would need 2 rooms. What is your recommendation regarding the hotel vs. Bay Tower??
Any advice appreciated.


When can I make my reservation at Bay Lake Towers

Make your Reservation for next November today Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s the sooner the better Answer


Mom Mom, the answer you can make your reservations right now. Go directly to Dad’s make your reservation with Destinations to Travel page. Fill out the form and Amanda and her crew will get started helping you plan the perfect vacation today.


Now about the Contemporary Resort versus Bay Lake Towers two rooms at the Contemporary Resort will be cheaper. Plus the bed situation at the towers leaves something to be desired.


There are 2 types of 2 bedroom villas. One has 2 queen beds and the rest of the beds are pull out couches and chairs. The other has a king bed and the rest of the beds are couches and chairs. I’m not a big fan of sleeping on a pull out couch.


The other problem is even the room with the 2 queen beds doesn’t help you much because the 2 queen beds are in the same room. I really don’t understand Disney rationale about this. That’s why for the Disney Deluxe Villas I prefer The Old Key West Resort It’s not the most convenient, but it has the biggest rooms, the best layouts and the best bed situation.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Mom Mom, Dad Dad says you can make your reservation anytime. As pretty as the Bay Lake Towers seem, I’d suggest you go ahead and go to the hotel. If you want to talk about one of the other Disney Deluxe Villas, I might change my mind.


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