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When do the decorations go up during Christmas at Disney World


by Debbie
(Racine, WI)




I am planning on a trip to Disney World arriving on November 4, 2012. ? I thought I had seen prior on your Christmas information page that the parks are decorated for Christmas in the beginning of November. Is that a good time to go to see it decorated for Christmas?



Dad’s my favorite topic Answer




You’ve found Dad’s favorite topic. Dad loves Christmas at Disney World. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and absolutely the best time to visit Walt Disney World.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


So when do the decorations go up during Christmas at Disney World? This year all of the decorations should be up by 6th of November. (Some of the hotel decorations might take a bit longer, but the parks should all be gussied up by then.)


The only things that won’t be available in early November are the Candlelight Processional and the Christmas Tree in the Magic Kingdom. The Candlelight Processional starts the day after Thanksgiving and the Tree at the Magic Kingdom will go up after the taping of the Disney World Christmas Parade Show which will happen December 2nd through the 4th.


There is so much to see during Christmas at Disney World. The parks are unbelievable, the hotels are gorgeous, it’s just a great time to be at Disney World and the first part of November has some of the lowest crowds of the season.

Dad’s November Disney World crowds page

Dad’s Bottom Line




All of the Christmas season is a great time to visit Disney World. From the November 4th until it all disappears on January 8, 2012, Christmas is the best time to be at our favorite place.


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Comments for

Oct 20, 2015 How Do They Do It?
by: Clarece I’m searching for a DVD of the huge process and effort it takes to decorate Disney World OVER NIGHT for Christmas. I saw it on TV last Christmas Season and it looked an impossible job, even though I watched it being done. I would love to make this program a traditional part of my own holidays as well as share it with friends.
Thanks Greatly for any purchase suggestions.

Dad Answers

Clarence, I’m not sure about a DVD, but there are several time lapse videos of the Christmas decorations going up.

Like this…

Or this from our buddy WDW Shutterbug…

Dec 26, 2012 decorations
by: Bern how long do the Christmas decorations stay up at WDW?

Dad’s Answer

Usually until the first Sunday of the New Year. Saturday night they will magically disappear.

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