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When Do the Walt Disney World Christmas Decorations Go Up?


by Jason Sanders
(Birmingham, AL)


Dad – Love your web site!


Do you know when they put all the Christmas Decorations out? Are they out by mid November? We were looking at going the week of Nov. 12, but wanted to make sure the lights would be up by then. Thanks!!



Donald Duck at the Christmas Feast

Christmas Decorations are Awesone Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s Deck the Parks Answer




Boy oh boy are you in for a treat! Dad loves Christmas at Walt Disney World, from the first poinsettias planted in the garden beds to the last twinkle lights hung from Main Street USA, it’s the most magical time of the year at the most magical place on Earth! By Christmas Day the parks are busting at the seams with decorations, but it takes time to get them all up! Even though decorating for the holidays starts immediately after Halloween, it’s not complete until the first week of December!


Dad’s Christmas at Walt Disney World Page


In addition to the sheer number of decorations to be installed, there is another reason you won’t see all of the decorations up before the beginning of December: the taping of the Christmas Day Parade, which is filmed on the first weekend of December. The Magic Kingdom’s huge tree can’t be installed until after the taping because it would obstruct the camera’s view of the parade!


Dad’s Christmas Day Parade Page


Here’s the scoop. Most of the Christmas decorations magically appear the first week of November. The only things that you will miss is the Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree and the Candlelight Processional (it starts the Friday after Thanksgiving).


That’s right – you’ll be able to enjoy lots of decorations at the parks and hotels (it’s fun to watch new ones go up each day!), the big trees will be installed at Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney Hollywood Studios, Christmas treats and merchandise will be available for your family, and you’ll even be able to see Cinderella Castle all aglow with hundreds of thousands of Castle Dream Lights.



Cinderella Castle with Christmas lights and snow

Cinderella Castle all lit up Photo by Harpersbizzare


Looking for the ultimate holiday experience? You can attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, a special ticket event where you’ll be able to see Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas Time Parade, Holiday Wishes, and many shows not regularly performed until December. You can participate in character dance parties and meet-and-greets, indulge in free cookies and cocoa, and enjoy attractions! Plus, it snows on Main Street USA – what could be merrier?


Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Page


If lights are your thing, you’ll see plenty! In addition to Cinderella Castle and the twinkle lights that feature around the parks, make sure you head over to Disney Hollywood Studios for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights – you’ve never seen anything like it!


Dad’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights Page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Jason, you’ve picked a great time to take a trip to Walt Disney World – the crowds will be low, the parks will be decked with decorations, and you’ll be able to treat your family to the magic of the season. Have a great trip!


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Comments for

Jul 25, 2019 Hey Dad,
by: Filis Do you think it’s possible for the Christmas decorations to be up in Orlando Magic Kingdom by November 4 2019. It’s our last day in Orlando 🙁

Dad Answers

Not only is it possible, it is very likely, especially in the parks.

Nov 01, 2018 Holiday decorations
by: DisNaney I was wondering if they go straight from the Halloween decorations to the Christmas decorations or if they undecorate things briefly between the two holidays?

Dad Answers

It varies a little from year to year, but typically the Halloween decorations come down one night and the Christmas decorations go up the next night.

Oct 02, 2018 New Year’s
by: Jayne We are arriving on New Years day. Will the Christmas decorations still be up that week?We hope so!

Dad Answers

Yes they will. Usually they come down around the 15th. Maybe a couple of days before.

Dec 06, 2017 Resort decor
by: Lizzie When will the deluxe resorts be decorated? Heading there for 1 night on 11/9/18 and really hoping some are up! Do some go up before others?

Dad Answers

They all kind of go up around the same time. It’s usually mid-November. There might be some up on the 9th, but usually it’s a little later.

Oct 15, 2017 Christmas decorations
by: Diane we’ll be there November 6th thru November 10th, will there be christmas decorations up by then?

Dad Answers

They will be in the process of going up in the parks. The first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is November 9 in 2017. You should see the transition.

Aug 07, 2017 Christmas lights
by: Anonymous When do EPCOT’s light go up for Christmas?

Dad’s Answer

It’s about the same time as the Magic Kingdom for all the parks. The first week of November.

Dec 04, 2016 When do they take down the Christmas decorations?
by: Katy Austin We will be arriving at Disney World on 1/11. Any chance the Christmas decorations will still be up? Thank you!

Dad’s Answer

No, they are usually all gone by that time. Typically it’s around the first weekend of the month. My guess is this year it will be the night of the 7th.

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