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When is the first day the Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations will be up?

by Valerie
(Indpls, IN)

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“Our trip is October 29th through November 3rd, I know we will be there for Halloween decorations and party, but I was told that the Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations would appear on November 1st. Is that correct? What will we see on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd?”

The Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations on Main Street USA.

The decorations will go up on…. – Photo by Mike Billick

Valerie, whoever told you that is not quite right. In the Magic Kingdom there is a Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on November 1st, so the Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations will not be up on November 1st. Now, because they have the Christmas Parade taping at the Magic Kingdom, starting on the 4th, the decorations will go up pretty quick.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

My guess is, the 1st, you’ll still have the Halloween decorations up, maybe the 2nd. Either the night of the 2nd or the night of the 3rd, the Halloween will come down and the 3rd maybe, but probably the 4th, the Christmas decorations will be up. Some of them might be up on the 3rd, but they will be up on the 4th.

Now, the other parks will be decorated, probably by the 3rd. The Christmas Parade taping is going to be in Hollywood Studios on the 3rd, so it will be decorated by then. It will be in Animal Kingdom on the 4th so it will probably be decorated. EPCOT not sure about.

The other parks don’t have the Halloween decorations to come down. WDW Magazine had a video last week in Hollywood Studios and they were already putting up some of the Christmas decorations, so Hollywood Studios will definitely be all ready to go by the 3rd. I’m hoping to see some Christmas decorations. I love Christmas and I’ll be there through the 4th so I hope I will get to see them while I am there too.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Valerie, the bottom line is the Magic Kingdom Christmas decorations will not be up on November first, but it will be soon after that. The other parks you’ll probably see some.

PS. The Christmas decorations did appear right on schedule. The Halloween decorations came down and the Christmas decorations went up on the night of the 3rd and they were all up on the 4th.


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Nov 26, 2017 Yaaaas!!!
by: Jessica

I’m with you, Valerie! I have a trip planned at that time too and I’m hoping to go to MNSSHP one day and then the next time I go to MK on the trip suddenly it’s Christmas! It’ll be VERY MERRY and MAGICAL! LOL

Nov 16, 2017 Christmas decorations in Magic Kingdom
by: Christa

We were at the Magic Kingdom November 2nd and some of the Christmas decorations were already up! Overnight the main entrance garden had the poinsettias and inside the wreaths replaced the light post pumpkins and poinsettia trees were every where

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