When to book Orlando flights?

by Trish

Hi, I’m going to Disney World Nov. 7th-14th. When should I book my Orlando flight. I was thinking early Sept.

You can just fly to Orlando

Since you can't fly like the kids in Peter Pan, you can book Orlando flights as soon a possible.
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Dad’s go ahead and do it Answer


Let me start by saying, if you just had a Pixie and some Pixie Dust, you could just fly down to Orlando and never have to buy another airline ticket again. (Wouldn’t that be nice.) But since that only happens in the movies …

That’s a good question. I’m not a fan of waiting for a special. They are very rare these days, especially to Orlando. The ideal time to book is the day after Southwest Airlines publishes the schedule for the dates of your trip.

What? What does Southwest Airlines have to do with anything? Southwest Airlines (especially now that they own Air Tran) is the driver for low cost fares into Orlando. If Southwest or Air Tran flies into your town, you need to make sure they have published their fares before you book. All the other carriers will key off of the prices Southwest posts.

Prices of airline tickets to Orlando don’t normally go down as you get closer to departure date. They go up. So I recommend you book as soon as you can.

Where to book? That takes a little work. Dad recommends BookingWiz.com for price searches. Here’s the widget you can fill out to find the best prices …

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Just make sure to have your pop-up blocker turned off.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Trish, don’t wait until September. It will only cost you money. Get your tickets today.

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