When to book our Disney World honeymoon

When to book our Disney World honeymoon

by Joshua Adams
(Princeton, Indiana)

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

My Fiancee and I will be visiting Disney for our Honeymoon in mid Sept. It's her first trip since we met in 05 and my annual trip. (She was a CP in 05' I was on a family trip and found out she lived 60 miles from me) When would you recommend booking our Disney World honeymoon?

Dad's wow, that takes me back Answer


Congratulations. We honeymooned at Disney World way back in ... but this is not about me.

For mid-September, it's hard to say when to book your Disney World honeymoon. You won't have any problems getting a room no matter when you book. (Unless you want a Grand Villa at one of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts). So really it doesn't matter ... unless ...

You want something special. Disney, as you probably know, has some special "honeymoon" suites at some of the resorts. These book real early. If you are looking for something like that book yesterday.

Other than that, just make sure you let Dad give you a hand. I would finalize things before the summer. Just so I have time to focus on all the wedding plans. (Right dear?)

PS. Love the picture, thanks!

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