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When to go to WDW? Dec/Jan or March?

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Hello, We have been to Walt Disney World in more slower times (beginning of May, middle of Nov) which we loved! But now we need to stick to the school schedule and our only two options are either leaving on Dec 31, 2016 and returning Jan 8th, or going over spring break which is March 12-19th 2016. Our biggest concern is crowds. Also does it rain a lot in March? Thank you!

Santa at WinterSummerland at Walt Disney World

I think Santa will be there… – Photo by Disney Image Makers

Dad’s Christmas beats Flowers every time Answer


Howdy. You might be a bit surprised by Dad’s answer, but you might not. The short answer is Dad will always pick a Christmas time vacation if he can, but for your purposes, I think it’s the best choice. Let me explain.

Spring Break at Walt Disney World means huge crowds. You can just check out the March Crowd Calendar and see that crowds will be huge all week.

Of course, that’s during the International Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT so if you’re interested in flowers this is the time to go.

Oh, about the rain, March isn’t the rainy season. That’s usually the end of May through September.


Destinations to Travel LLC.
Nah, let’s talk about that other alternative. Christmas at Walt Disney World is always the best time to visit WDW. There is no better time of year.

What about the crowds?

Yes, New Years Day is a crazy day to be at WDW. The crowds will be enormous. But every day after that you’ll find the crowds getting smaller and smaller. Very noticeably smaller. By the middle of the week you will have the parks to yourself.

OK, the Marathon is that second weekend, but the Marathon really doesn’t generate a lot of crowds. Trust me on this one.

Plus, all the Christmas decorations will still be up. As you know there is no better time to visit Disney than when it’s decorated for Christmas.

Which every date you pick, be sure to get in touch with our partners over at Destinations to Travel. They do an amazing job. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran they can help get things set up.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


Trust me on this one. December 31 is the time to arrive. Yes, crowds will be outrageous the first couple of days, but then they will all go away.

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Jan 06, 2015 wdw
by: Anonymous

Between christmas and new years is unbelievably busy, Like you can’t move because there’s so many people. this is definatly the wrong time to go. If you want to benefit from the christmas decorations go the end of November after Thanksgiving to the beginning of December like the first week in December. This is a great time but unfortunatly school is not out. Good luck

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