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When will 2013 Disney World Prices be available?


by Karla M.
(Billings MT)


When do the prices for next year come out? We went to Disney World, for the first time, in February this year and now we are hooked!! We want to go back again next year in February and want to know if we need to wait until August again to book our vacation.


One more question Dad, how do Dreams Come True Vacations get paid for their service if I don’t have to pay them a huge fee? I used AAA the first trip we did and it was not worth the money I put out for them to book it. I have talked briefly with Pirates and Pixies and they seem very nice but I am leery of the “no charge” for a very needed service. Any help with this would be appreciated.



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Dad’s too good to be true Answer




I’m gonna jump right in and answer your question first, then we’ll talk.


The new prices for Walt Disney World vacations are normally released in mid-June. But …


You will have to wait until Disney releases the vacations to actually book, but you can go ahead and let Dreams Come True Vacations know you are interested and they will let you know when 2013 prices are released. Just go to Dad’s Dreams Come True Vacations page and fill out the form.


UPDATE – The 2013 Disney World Packages will be available on July 11. (Finally!)


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


The Disney Vacation Planners over there do a great job. They know almost as much about Disney as Dad does and I require them to read Dad’s Guide every day. (Just kidding, but it is a good idea. Hey Amanda …)


They will help you choose the Perfect hotel for your family. They will steer you to the correct tickets. They know the Disney Dining Plan. They are just nice people and want to help you.


Now about those “fees”. Like you, I think fees are wrong. When the airlines quit paying travel agents commissions a lot of them (rightly so) started requiring fees for airline tickets. Some of the greedy ones added fees for trips where they get commissions.
Dreams Come True Vacations gets their money from commissions paid to them by Disney. They don’t charge any fees. None. Disney pays them.


(I would say that tipping a Travel Agent for going over and above is a great idea but that’s totally up to you.)

Dad’s Bottom Line


Karla, it’s good to be careful about money when booking a trip. Lots of the “online” travel sites charge hidden fees that add up in a hurry. That’s not the way it works at Dreams Come True Vacations. Trust me.


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