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When will our Magic Your Way tickets expire


by Jennifer
(via Dad’s Facebook Page)


We are planing for August and want to add the water parks option – if I buy a 5 day magic your way and add the water park option … do I really have 10 days of activities or do they expire after the 5th day of our stay? ?

 picture of Blizzard Beach

When will my Blizzard Beach tickets expire. Photo by Michael Welsing

Dad’s 2 week answer

Jennifer, Disney’s Magic Your Way base tickets are good for one visit to one park. A 5 day ticket will get you into the parks for 5 days. If you add the Water Park and More option, you can get into the water parks the same number of days as your base tickets. (Just like you said.)


Your Magic Your Way ticket will expire 14 days after the original use. So, yes, you could theoretically spend 5 days in the theme parks and 5 days in the water parks.


It is possible to extend that 14 days forever by buying the never expire option, but it’s very costly and is usually not very practical unless your planned trip is interrupted.


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Dad’s Bottom Line



You are exactly right in your scenario. Your tickets will get you into the parks for 10 days – 5 for the theme parks and 5 for the water parks as long as you use them within 14 days from the original use.


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