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When will the November Disney World discounts be announced?


by Heather Williams
(Rhode Island)


“Hello. I love your website. Do you know if and or when the November discounts are announced and historically what they are? We have booked from November 23rd through December 4th. We are contemplating using Dave’s DVC Rentals versus Disney, thank you.”


The Seven Dwarfs marching in the Christmas parade

Oh,the cool stuff you get to see at Christmas at WDW – Photo by Mike Billick


Yes, Heather. Historically, the fall, September, October, November, December, come in two waves. The first wave for the last few years has included September through November.


In fact, last year it cut off on November 23rd and there are two discounts that were available in that time frame. One is free dining. Free dining at Walt Disney World. That’s the number one discount they offer during the year. Hardest to get, it’s just crazy.


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The second promotion is a room discount. Last year the discounts was between 10 and 25 percent off of rooms. Those also come out in late April or they have for the last few years.


A rumor has been floated that the fall discounts will come out in March this year, I don’t believe that. I think late April again will be the time frame. That’s what we are planning for anyway. Late April is when they come out for September, October, and most of November probably, this year, December too.


If there’s a second wave, for November, December, January, it will come out, in August. That’s what happened the last few years.


Last year, the second wave was just room discounts, it was not free dining. That was late November through January. Typically, that’s the history. Free dining, room-only discount for September, October, November. November, December, room-only discount.


What I would suggest right now, Heather, right now, go over to our Destinations to Travel page and ahead and make your reservation. They’ll help you find the best deal. You can even work with Dave’s DVC Request, they’ll help you find the best deal. They monitor your reservation for these discounts.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


If a discount comes for your reservation, they’ll get you changed over right away. No worries. That’s what they do. They monitor your reservation. They help you with all kinds of things. They’ll also help you book all of your ADRs, help you with Fast Pass, help you get your My Disney Experience set up.


They are great. Their customer service is the best. I’ve dealt with travel agents, I’ve been a Disney travel agent, I know the Disney travel agent business and I deal with Destinations to Travel. I talk to them almost daily. I believe in them. I don’t recommend anybody I don’t believe in. I believe in Destinations to Travel.



Go over to Destinations to Travel, tell them about your trip, they’ll get you all booked up. Everything will be taken care of.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line dates of your reservations are rarely blacked out, but it happens. This year I expect the discounts come in two waves. First wave, Free Dining for September, a little bit of October and early November.. (It may not happen this year, but I think it will.) The second wave, a room only discount for late November, December, January. I hope that helps.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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