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When will we get our Magical Express tags?


by Carrie
(Seattle, WA)


Hi Dad! It’s been so much fun following your website over the last 6 months while planning our first Disney World vacation. We are planning on taking the Magical Express before checking into the Port Orleans French Quarter on September 24 for 10 days. We just paid the remainder of our balance and have recently passed the 45 day mark. I was wondering when we will be getting our Disney Magical Express baggage tags? What else should we be getting from Disney in the mail?


Thanks so much!


The Disney Magical Express bus reflects the Disney Cruise Line bus

Disney Magical Express bus reflects Photo by Jeff_B

Dad’s in a couple of weeks Answer




About one month before you depart you will get a package from Disney with your travel documents, your luggage tags and your Disney Magical Express baggage tags. If you don’t get them by 2 weeks before make sure to call Disney. (If you had used Dreams Come True Vacations, you would know this already, and if they don’t show up on time Dreams Come True Vacations would be hunting them down for you.)

Dad’s Disney Magical Express page


What will be in your travel documents? There will be an itinerary that has all of your reservation numbers. Make sure you keep this page. You’ll also get a coupon book with some coupons to things at Downtown Disney and the mini-golf courses and some tokens at the hotel arcade room. You will also get some gnarly looking luggage tags.


You don’t have to use the luggage tags, but make sure your Magical Express baggage tags are on your luggage when you depart. That way Disney luggage fairies will know to pick up your luggage at the airport and deliver it Magically to your room. (That’s why they call it Magical Express.)


Bet you’ve never seen luggage fly before.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Carrie, thanks for taking the time to look at Dad’s Guide to WDW. I appreciate it. I hope you have a Magical experience and come back and tell us all about it.


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Comments for

Jan 23, 2012 related question
by: Cindy Dad,Just wondering, if, when you and your luggage gets to the airport, does the luggage get sent onto the turnstile like all other luggage? Or, because it has the Magical Express tags, is the luggage automatically set aside for easier transport to Disney? Or do we have to get it from the turnstile and take it somewhere?

I am worried that luggage sent on the turnstile will get stolen. I almost had that happen to me once. Had I not been paying attention, some guy would have walked off with my suitcase. Luckily mine was easily distinguishable because I also put curling ribbon around the handle. When I confronted the guy, he quickly gave it back to me and then left rather quickly. Thanks. I am coming in September and have not stayed on property before. P.S. LOVE this site!!


Dad Anwers


If you use Disney Magic Express luggage tags, the luggage fairies that work at the Orlando Airport pick out your bags and use some Pixie Dust to magically transport them to your hotel. (OK, so maybe a big guy named George throws them on a truck and the drive to the hotel. I think I like my story better.)

Your bags won’t see the turnstile.

Aug 17, 2011 Two packages
by: Dad Oops, Dad just remembered …Your Magical Express documents don’t always come at the same time as your Disney travel documents. They will come in separate envelopes and may come at different times.

Magical Express baggage tags are printed in and mailed a different location.

There, now Dad feels better.

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