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When will you get to Aulani?


by John L
(New Jersey)


Hey Dad,


Here is a good one for you? When do you think you will get to Aulani to review it for all of us? Come on, you know you want to go to Aulani…Who wouldn’t?!

Dad’s hey, Mrs. Mom look at this question Answer




Yes, your question jumped right to the front of the line. This may be the best question I’ve ever been asked. (He only posted it an hour ago. Sorry everyone else.)


The Menehune in me says …


Who would want to go to Hawaii? It’s boring. The temperatures never vary. The days are always the same length. It’s a real long plane flight. The traffic is awful. Everything costs too much. The beaches are crowded. Everyone wears swimsuits. What on earth was Disney thinking? There is nothing to do at the resort.


Enough silly talk.


Dad and Mrs. Mom went to Hawaii last year. We loved our quick vacation. (Dad spent two weeks over there but had to work for most of the time. Yes, work. Twelve hours a day 8 days in a row. Work. Really!) We’d love to go back and going over to review Aulani might be just the excuse, I mean just the reason for us to go back.


As to when that would be …


Realistically, a trip to Hawaii to review Aulani is probably a couple of years away. The next couple of trips will be back to Walt Disney World to check out some new restaurants, rides and hotels. After that, Mrs. Mom and I need to take a Disney Cruise. (Anyone want to come along?) Then there’s probably a trip to Disneyland in the future before we get back to Hawaii.


Who knows, maybe The Man-Child and his future Belle will decide to have a destination wedding in Hawaii and we’ll have to go again. (Hey, Man-Child …)


Another reality check … Aulani is not a Disney World Resort. Yes, it is part of the Disney Vacation Club, but until Dad gets his Disney Vacation Club site up and running (coming in 2015 probably) the IRS would probably frown on a “business expense” that included a trip to Hawaii. Just brainstorming a bit.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


John, I like the way you think. Taking a trip to review Aulani is definitely a good idea and should happen someday. (And pigs will fly someday too.) I think even Mrs. Mom won’t object to this one.


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