Where are the Treehouse Villas located

by Amber

Where on the Saratoga Springs grounds are the Treehouse Villas located? Is it still convenient to get to pools, Downtown Disney, bus, etc?

Treehouse Villas and Saratoga Springs Map

Saratoga Springs and Treehouse Villas map

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The Treehouse Villas at the Saratoga Springs Resort is one of the most interesting hotels in the world. You can actually sleep in a tree house.

As you can see from the map above, some of the villas are not real close to the main building of the resort, but there are 2 bus stops located in the trees. There is a pool in in the treehouse section.

Downtown Disney is right across the bridge you can see in the lower center of the map.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The Treehouse Villas aren’t real convenient to the parks or dining, but Downtown Disney is just a short walk away. Let me know if you decide to stay there, I’d like to hear about your experience.

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