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Where can I find a Walt Disney World growth chart


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“Where can I find a Disney parks growth chart?”

Dad's Walt Disney World Growth Chart

Get Dad’s Growth Chart

Let me see, where would I find one of those… Oh, I’ve got one right here on my desk. Here’s Dad’s “Are You Tall Enough to Ride…?” Walt Disney World Growth Chart.

Dad’s Are You Tall Enough to Ride page

This is Dad’s Disney World Growth Chart. It’s really cool. In fact, there’s one of them sitting right over in my office waiting for the grandkids to be born.

It’s got every ride listed on it with the height. So at 48 inches you’ve got Primeval Whirl, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Crush ‘N’ Gusher at Typhoon Lagoon. Downhill Double Dipper at Blizzard Beach.

And this is not paper. This is not some cheap paper that you can tear up. This is something that you can keep forever. It’s a polyurethane plastic paper that won’t tear, that you can write right on it. Let me get a pen and show you. You can write right on it. You can write right there, right on it. Give it a couple of seconds and it doesn’t even smear. No smearing.

Oh and the price is right too. Five bucks plus shipping.

PS. We haven’t updated this yet, so it doesn’t have Pandora (Flight of Passage) on it yet. It also doesn’t have the new height requirements for the Mission Space Earth Team on it yet.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

That’s where you can get a growth chart, Steven. I haven’t seen anybody else’s growth chart, so it’s probably the best one out there, because it’s probably the only one out there. But, Dad’s got a growth chart.


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Jan 05, 2018 Updated Chart?
by: Anonymous

When will this chart be updated? I’d love to order one.

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