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Where Can I Find Softer Food at WDW?

by Amy

I saw your posts about Casey’s at MK. I went a few years ago and the bread was hard and thick like french bread, even on the plain dogs, which we hate. We have the dining plan. One of my sons has sensory issues and eats very few foods and is even picky about those few. I’m looking for plain hot dogs with plain very soft buns for my kids. Like the soft cheap buns from Walmart. Also, would you say the chicken nuggets at WDW had a thick crust like McDonalds has, which my son won’t eat? Do you know of any soft crust or maybe grilled nuggets / strips at WDW? Thanks, Amy


Chicken nuggets aren’t the favorite of ALL kiddos – Photo by Stephanie Shuster

Dad’s Picky Answer

Amy, first let me say that the Cast Members at WDW are awesome, and in restaurants this is no exception. There are a few items on the menus that may meet your needs, but Dad also has lots of great ideas for things you can request that are “off menu” or that you can bring yourself!

At any restaurant at WDW, you’ll be able to request to talk to a manager or chef – this is true for quick service, buffet, and table service places. Someone will be happy to speak to you directly and let you know what they can or cannot do for you. They’re always happy to make something special, provided they have the ingredients available!

Since there are a few issues at play, I’d start first with the pickles – there’s no sense in finding out if Yorkshire County Fish Shoppe can do an unbuttered fish if you son won’t eat fish, for instance. Once you’ve narrowed down the foods he will eat, then it’s time to find restaurants that can provide soft enough items for his needs.

At quick service restaurants, you may find yourself a bit more limited. While the kitchen teams can confirm allergens in food and provide alternatives (such as gluten free buns) they can’t whip up something they don’t already have on hand. I’m pretty sure the chicken nuggets come in pre-breaded and frozen so getting one without crust probably isn’t possible. But if you end up at a place with grilled chicken for salads or sandwiches, then might be able to get you a grilled chicken breast chopped up (try Cosmic Rays or Backlot Express).

The hot dog buns are pretty standard across Disney menus, I’ve never had a softer one than the style at Casey’s Corner. My only thought on that is to try one of the kiosks that sell pre-cooked, wrapped in foil hotdogs as those may be a bit softer (there is a cart in Tomorrowland, usually open in the evenings). You could also bring in your own buns and ask for the wiener without a bun and add your own, or give him the hotdog without a bun.

buffet plate

Buffets can be a great way for kids to try new things – Photo by Stephanie Shuster

Many quick service locations offer macaroni and cheese or “Uncrustable” brand pb&j sandwiches that might suit your sons needs. You’ll probably have the best luck at your resort food court as they typically have a lot of different items on hand. But be prepared to wait since this is a meal being made just for you!

At buffets and table service restaurants, ask to speak to the chef – they can suggest things on the menu that may work as is or can be altered (for instance, leaving garlic out of mashed potatoes) and will be able to make you a custom plate (within reason). if you have Advanced Dining Reservations , make a note on your reservation form or call the restaurant in advance to let them know about your needs (you can call your resort too, so they are better prepared!). Click here to see what Disney says about getting in touch.

Failing all of that (or, if you think it’s easier) you can bring in your own food. You won’t be able to heat things up in the parks (though hotel counter service locations usually have microwaves to use) but sandwiches and snacks that your son will eat will be easy to bring in. You can bring groceries with you or order then from a service like Garden Grocer.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Amy, don’t worry – Disney wants all of their guests to have a magical time, and mealtime is no exception. Just be sure to ask about your options, and the Cast Members will take care of the rest.

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