Where can we find Cheap Disney Vacation Packages?

Where can we find Cheap Disney Vacation Packages?

Dad--We are interested in planning a Walt Disney World trip for our family next year and we want a cheap Disney Vacation Package. Can you help?

There are 6 adults and a baby. We're wondering what the cost would be for a 5 day stay. Can we book through you, or can we use you our consultant??

Prices would need to include airfare, lodging, tickets etc. How long would the quoted amount be good for? When is the low season for WDW??

Thanks, Linda in Texas

Dad's well it's like this ... Answer

Hi Linda,
In the interest of full disclosure, Linda and her family are long time family friends. In fact they are some of our best friends ever. So, with all that in mind. Join Dad as he shows Linda and family how to plan the PERFECT Walt Disney World Vacation. (Sounds like fun.)

The PERFECT Disney World Vacation - Part One

Let's start with the most obvious question. Can we book through you, or use you as our consultant?? Mmmmm ... Let me think about that one ...

YES, you can and should book with Dad

... and hire him as a consultant. (Dad's going rate is just under $1,000.00 per hour. Just kidding.)

Dad will be happy to help you book your PERFECT Disney World Vacation, but we'll get to that later.

A Cheap Disney World Vacation Package Starts Here

The first thing we have to do to find a cheap Disney World Vacation Package is determine when you want to go. Which, I think, is your last question, but sometimes the last shall be first. (I think I heard that somewhere.)

So, the real question is, when is the best time to visit Disney World? Funny you should ask (yes, sometimes Dad carries on conversations with himself, but that's what makes Dad so unique), Dad wrote a whole page about just that very thing. So, the first thing to do is to read ...

Dad's best time to visit Disney World page

Go ahead. I'll wait. (PS. It will open in a new window so you don't loose your place.)

Glad you're back. Yes, I know, the conclusion leaves a little to be desired, so for Linda's purposes let's delve a little deeper.

Another of Linda's great questions was when is low season at Walt Disney World? If you want a really cheap Disney World Vacation package, you need to know the answer to this question. So, let's find it.

I usually don't send you to Disney's website because I think it's really hard to find what your looking for on it, so I've looked high and low and found the list of dates for the 2011 Value Season at the Walt Disney World Resorts. (The real reason I'm sending you to Disney's site is there are about 100 dates and I'm too lazy to type them into this answer.)

2011 Value Season at Disney World

So, Linda, now it's your turn. The first step on our magical journey to your PERFECT Disney World Vacation is to choose a date. I know it's a long way off, but we prefer to go to at Christmas time.

Dad's Christmas at Disney World page

If you are looking to go ASAP, I'd suggest the January 31 to February 4 date.

So Linda, the balls in your court. When can you and the family go? Let me know and we'll move on to step 2, choosing the PERFECT place to sleep.

PS. You have a question about the price not changing. Once you make your deposit, your price is locked in. Disney doesn't usually change prices during the year once they've been published and the 2011 prices have been published.

Now when it come to airfare that's a whole different story.

Talk to you soon.

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Oct 24, 2010
Budget for your Cheap Disney Vacation Package
by: Dad


How's the family? What a great question. (And no, I didn't prompt this, Linda really asked on her own.) Somewhere along the line, you need to create a budget.
Disclaimer: Dad hates budgets. I'm just a free spender. Mrs. Mom is always reining me in, and that's a lot easier when we have a budget.
So let's create a budget.

Step one in creating a budget

Step one is figuring out what you can spend. I'll leave that one up to you. To help you keep up with everything you can download Dad's Disney World Planning Spreadsheet

Step two

Step two is finding out what things cost, and that's where Dad can help. First you need to find out what airfare will be. So, let's see what airfare will be.

Dad's Flights to Orlando page

Next you'll need to find your hotel prices at

Dad's Cheap Disney World hotel prices

Next, it's on to tickets at

Dad's cheapest Disney World tickets page

If you decide to rent a car, you can get prices at

Dad's Orlando Florida car rental page

Those are the basics. If you use the spreadsheet, you can fill in the dining section. For now, you can just get rough numbers, but this will give you an idea of what to save for your cheap Disney vacation package.

Oct 24, 2010
Save for our cheap Disney Vacation package
by: Linda


How much do we need to save for our cheap Disney Vacation package? We're talking airfare, tickets, hotel, and whatever else you can think of?


Sep 24, 2010
Our cheap Disney World vacation package
by: Linda from Texas

Dad, we're leaning toward the December time frame for our cheap Disney World vacation package, but have to get everyone's input for time off from work.

I noticed on the "Value" link that there was pricing for only weekdays--what about weekends???? Can you get the same pricing not using the value season??

I'd like to know about adding meals to the package. How can I get free dining??? That's always a plus! Thanks, Linda

Dad's great questions Answer

Linda, those are some great questions, it's almost like I wrote them myself.

About the weekends, I think it was last year that Disney started charging extra for the weekends. They've been finding ways to ratchet up the prices without changing the base price for several years. This is just another in a long line of things that Disney is doing to get more money out of our pockets.

Most people never notice. When you look at prices for a Disney World vacation, you usually just look at the total price. You don't look at the daily rates on the hotels. So it's a sneaky way of raising prices.

The bottom line is there isn't anything you can do about it, so you just pick the best time and pay the piper.

Can you get the same price not using Value Season? Probably not. Disney has these seasons down to an art. They know just when they can charge more and when they can't. For example, if you go the week of Christmas, you will pay through your husbands nose. It's way expensive, and way crowded, and not the best time to go. (But knowing your situation, I'm pretty sure the kids won't be able to go the week of Christmas anyway.) You might only have to pay a little more if you go real close to Value season, but before Holiday season starts.

One piece of advice. Use the value season as a guide, but come up with a range of dates where everyone is available, and we'll look at the best prices from that.

FREE DINING If you pick one of the dates during value season, I'm pretty sure you'll get FREE DINING for your cheap Disney World vacation package. Disney has released dated for FREE DINING for next year, but the dates only go through September. Unless the economy kicks into real high gear, I'd expect FREE DINING through the end of next year.

Thanks again for the questions Linda, we'll talk soon.

Sep 21, 2010
Oops, the link works now.
by: Dad

Sorry, guys. Sometimes even Dad makes a mistake. (Don't tell Mrs. Mom.)

The link to Disney's Value Season now works correctly. (PS. there is no subliminal message with the hotel.)

Now you can see when Value Season really is.

I would still lean toward the November 28-Dec 2 or Dec 12-16.

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