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Where do the Pop Warner Crowds Stay?

by Jessica
(New York)

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Is Caribbean beach resort hosting pop warner this year? What day do those guests tend to thin out?

 Where do the Pop Warner Crowds Stay

Dad’s Perspective Answer

Jessica, don’t worry – while WDW does see an influx of crowds in early December for the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheerleading and Dance Competition, it’s nothing to worry about. Let me give you some perspective.

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

might not be so peaceful during Pop Warner week – Photo courtesy of

The number of coaches, families and athletes who come out only total about 11,000-12,000 people. Sure, that seems like a lot but when you consider that EACH PARK sees 20,000-100,000 guests each day it’s a drop in the bucket.

Of course, adding that many guests to any one resort – especially when many of them are loosely supervised teenagers, can be a bit of a headache for a regular family. Typically, the crowds get split up over the three All-Star resorts, as well as a moderate or two. Last year the Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach Resorts hosted Pop Warner guests, but this year there has been no public sharing of information as to which resort they’ll end up at.

My guess is that this year, we can expect either or both of the same moderate resorts to host the Pop Warner guests, along with the All-Star Resorts. The reasoning is pretty simple – the Pop Warner events are held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports and these are the closest resorts to that facility! If you’re concerned, consider booking Pop Century (right night to the Caribbean Beach) or Port Orleans (further away from ESPN Wide World of Sports) if your dates overlap.

Mission Space

The thrill rides will be busy after dark – Photo by Matthew Cooper

This year, the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheerleading and Dance competition is being held from December 5-12, 2015. You can expect that guests will begin to arrive on December 4, and will most will be long gone by December 13-14.

In the parks, you won’t notice much difference in the crowds day to day – in the evenings there will be an influx of teens heading to the thrill rides, so plan your day to use FastPass+ at that time for the big attractions, or use your evenings to enjoy Christmas at Disney World offerings like the Candlelight Processional.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jessica, don’t worry too much about the Pop Warner crowds – if you’ve booked at the same hotel and are really concerned, give Disney a shout and ask to move to another resort. But dear ol’ Dad thinks you’ll be just fine either way.

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